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In the fabric of community resilience, the Phone Tree form holds a pivotal role, knitting neighbors together in a web of communication designed to enhance safety, foster connections, and enable mutual support in times of need. Originating as a tool for emergency communication, its utility extends beyond crises, serving also as a conduit for coordinating community events like potluck dinners. By allowing residents to register their contact details, it ensures that every participating household can be reached efficiently. In emergencies, after contacting emergency services, the tree activates a chain of communication, ensuring that critical information cascades through the neighborhood swiftly and accurately. Householders are advised to relay messages with precision, possibly taking notes to avoid dilution of the message's integrity as it passes from one neighbor to the next. This chain does not end with the last name on the list; it includes a closure loop, where the terminal recipient reports back to the initiator, confirming the successful transmission of the message throughout the community. Implicit in its design is an encouragement for clear, factual communication, cautioning against the spread of unverified information. It embodies a practical application of collective vigilance and care, structured to strengthen the fabric of community relationships. Updated last in 2002 by the City of Falcon Heights, Minnesota, this tool symbolizes a proactive approach to community management and emergency preparedness, illustrating the power of organized collective action and the profound impact of simple, systematic communication among neighbors.

Form NamePhone Tree Form
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Other namesphone tree generator, telephone template printable, emergency call tree template, emergency phone tree template

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Neighborhood Phone Tree

Use this list every time you want to reach everyone in your neighborhood. In emergencies, call 911 and then initiate the tree to alert neighbors to a problem they should be aware of. You can also use the list for a potluck dinner—it’s good practice!

Neighbors may put their names and numbers in the available spaces. As new neighbors move in, they should fill in spaces lower on the list. Each participating household gets a copy of the completed form. Keep it in a safe place.

When someone on the block has information to be passed on, they call the name at the top of the list and pass on their short message. If it needs to be very accurate, ask the person to get paper and pencil to write specifics if they will be calling another person. That person, in turn, calls the neighbor listed directly below them and passes on the message. And so on. If someone doesn’t answer, try at work, or call later. In the meantime, call the household below them on the list. Finally, the people at the bottom of the phone tree should call the first person at the top of the tree and let them know the chain of communication worked.

**Tell facts: what happened, who’s ok and who’s hurt; action taken to respond, how to help and how to get help. **Remember not to speculate during your calls. Just pass on essential information.

Neighborhood Liaison Handbook, Page 45. Rev. 10/02

© 2002 City of Falcon Heights, Minnesota

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