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In the landscape of legal documents, the PLD-050 form emerges as a critical tool for those looking to assert a general denial in response to a complaint in California's Superior Court. This form, officially recognized and mandated for specific uses under the Judicial Council of California, is utilized in situations where the complaint involves a monetary value of $1,000 or less, or in certain cases of unverified complaints or complaints within limited civil cases that do not exceed a $25,000 controversy threshold. Its structured format demands the defendant - either represented by an attorney or proceeding pro se (without attorney representation) - to categorically deny each allegation outlined by the plaintiff, while also providing a space for the articulation of any affirmative defenses that might exist. Furthermore, it delineates the necessary steps for ensuring these denials and defenses are officially recognized by the court, including submission details and the requirements for serving a copy to the opposing party. Of equal importance, the form underscores the significance of protecting one's privacy during the legal process and facilitates this through a specific instruction at the end of the document. The PLD-050's guidance on how to properly serve the general denial, including the permissible methods and qualifications of the person delivering the document, ensures procedural compliance and safeguards the defendant's legal rights. The inherent encouragement to counterclaim, through a cross-complaint, introduces an additional layer of strategic defense, highlighting the form's comprehensive coverage in navigating the complexities of litigation responses.

Form NamePld 050
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesgeneral denial answer form, general denial form courts ca, 050 california, california denial

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ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address):


FAX NO. (Optional):


E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional):












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If you want to file a general denial, you MUST use this form if the amount asked for in the complaint or the value of the property involved is $1,000 or less.

You MAY use this form for a general denial if:

1.The complaint is not verified; or

2.The complaint is verified and the case is a limited civil case (the amount in controversy is $25,000 or less),

BUT NOT if the complaint involves a claim for more than $1,000 that has been assigned to a third party for collection.

(See Code of Civil Procedure sections 85–86, 90–100, 431.30, and 431.40.)

1. DEFENDANT (name):

generally denies each and every allegation of plaintiff's complaint.

2. DEFENDANT states the following FACTS as separate affirmative defenses to plaintiff's complaint (attach additional pages if necessary):




If you have a claim for damages or other relief against the plaintiff, the law may require you to state your claim in a special pleading called a cross-complaint or you may lose your right to bring the claim. (See Code of Civil Procedure sections 426.10–426.40.)

The original of this General Denial must be filed with the clerk of this court with proof that a copy was served on each plaintiff's attorney and on each plaintiff not represented by an attorney. There are two main ways to serve this General Denial: by personal delivery or by mail. It may be served by anyone at least 18 years of age EXCEPT you or any other party to this legal action. Be sure that whoever serves the General Denial fills out and signs a proof of service. You may use the applicable Judicial Council form (such as form POS-020, POS-030, or POS-040) for the proof of service.




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Form Adopted for Mandatory Use


Code of Civil Procedure, §§ 431.30,


Judicial Council of California

PLD-050 [Rev. January 1, 2009]

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generally denies each and every, DEFENDANT states the following, Date, TYPE OR PRINT NAME, SIGNATURE OF DEFENDANT OR ATTORNEY, If you have a claim for damages or, The original of this General, and Page  of in denial form pdf

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