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The USPS offers a Postal Claim Form to help customers file a claim for mail that was not delivered or that was damaged in transit. The form can be used to request a refund or to have the package replaced. In order to file a successful claim, you will need to provide documentation and evidence that the item was not delivered or was damaged. To get started, download and print the form, fill it out, and send it in to the address listed on the form.

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Form NamePostal Claim Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields23
Avg. time to fill out4 min 51 sec
Other namesusps insurance claim forms printable forms, us postal claim form, claim postal, usps claim forms for damage

Form Preview Example

Revised 08/06



For Lost or Damaged Packages -


1.Complete and mail this claim form no earlier than 30 DAYS and no later than 180 DAYS from shipment date.

2.Attach a copy of your original invoice to the consignee.

3.Attach a copy of the correspondence from the consignee advising you of the loss.

4.If at all possible, attach: A. A copy of the USPS tracer form. The USPS reply is not needed.

We advise filing a tracer for all lost USPS packages whether or not you send a copy to us.

B.A copy of the check from USPS, if you insured part of the value with USPS.

C.A copy of the U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Receipt, if applicable.

D.For computerized shipping system users only - Copy of shipping system daily report detailing amount of claim insured with PIP.

5.Mail to: PARCEL INSURANCE PLAN, P. O. BOX 66708, ST. LOUIS, MO 63166-6708.

Or FAX to: 314-692-7598 (include all requested documentation)


Insured's Name____________________________________________________________ Policy # _______________________

Address Shipped From:_____________________________________________________________________________________

Consignee's Name __________________________________________________

Invoice # _____________________________

Date Mailed___________________

[ ] Loss

[ ] Damage

[ ] Shortage

Number of Packages _____________

You or consignee should hold damaged items in the event they are requested during claim processing.


Description of Items____________________________________________________________________________________

Amount of claim: Invoice or repair cost of contents lost or damaged,


excluding shipping fees:(Amount cannot exceed value declared upon shipment)


Less amount paid by USPS, if any:


Less salvage value of damaged goods:


Balance to be paid by PIP:


The balance of your unpaid claim will be forwarded to you promptly upon receipt of this completed claim form and

items noted in "2, 3, and 4" of the above instructions.

I certify that the above statements are correct.

Signature______________________________________ Send check to attention of:________________________________

Telephone (____)_______________________________ Ext.________

Email Address: ___________________________________________

Fax No. (


Date ________________


AMOUNT: $_______________________

DATE: _________ BY:_____________

Warning: Any fraudulent claims will make the shipper and/or consignee liable for prosecution for mail fraud under the Federal Criminal Code.

If we have not responded to your claim within 3 weeks of filing, you may check the status of

your claim at

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step 1 to filling out us postal claim form

Write down the essential information in the box AMOUNT, DATE, BY FOR, PIP, USE, ONLY and your, claim, at, www, pip, in, sure, com

us postal claim form AMOUNT, DATEBY, FORPIPUSEONLY, and yourclaimatwwwpipinsurecom blanks to complete

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