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The process of organizing thoughts before drafting a document is pivotal in crafting a cohesive narrative or argument. This is where the Prewriting Form plays a significant role, especially for students or writers embarking on complex writing projects. By providing a structured format to map out ideas, the form serves as a compass guiding the writer from the onset. Designed with versatility in mind, it supports various rhetorical modes, including cause and effect, description, and general to specific discussions, among others. Furthermore, it prompts users to define their primary writing purpose, be it to persuade, explain, or narrate, setting a clear direction for their work. Equipped with sections for noting down the assignment's specifics—name, class, and date—it also features a web diagram for brainstorming, thereby facilitating a visual organization of ideas. Additionally, the inclusion of a prompt section, with an emphasis on circling key words, aids in focusing the writer’s attention on critical aspects of their topic. Originating from Liberty High School, this prewriting template embodies a thoughtful approach to academic writing, emphasizing clarity, structure, and purpose from the beginning of the writing process.

Form NamePrewriting Template Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesprewriting web template, template web diagram, prewriting template, template web diagram form

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Name: ______________________________________ Class: __________________ Date: _________________

Prewriting Template—Web Diagram

Works for: Compare Cause/Effect Conclusion Description Gen. to Specific Prob./Sol. Process Primary Purpose for Writing: Persuade Explain Narrate/Entertain


(circle key words)

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