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With the new year around the corner, many people are looking to add a furry friend to their lives. And what could be more fun than picking out your new best friend from a litter of adorable puppies? Before you can bring home your new pup, however, you'll need to fill out an application form. Here's everything you need to know about puppy application forms so that you can get your new pet ASAP.

Here is the information concerning the file you were in search of to complete. It can tell you the amount of time you'll need to finish puppy application, exactly what fields you need to fill in, and so forth.

Form NamePuppy Application
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields48
Avg. time to fill out10 min 6 sec
Other namesmonoitoring forms fpr puppies to become dogs, puppy breeder application examples, puppy application template, puppy buyer application

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Puppy Application









Nam e















Addr ess



Cit y , St at e, Zip










Phone Num ber s



Em ail addr ess










I f y ou cur r ent ly do not ow n any dogs, t ell m e about y our past ex posur e t o dogs and dog ow ner ship?

Hav e y ou ev er ow ned a dog before? ( Yes or No)

I f y es, w hat dog br eeds hav e y ou ow ned?

Do y ou st ill ow n t he dogs? I f not , w hat happened t o t he dogs?

Do y ou cur r ent ly ow n any ot her non - canine anim als? I f Yes, please list t hem .

Hav e y ou ev er ow ned an Aust r alian Shepher d befor e? ( ( Yes or No) )

What m ade y ou decide t o pur chase an Aust r alian Shepher d?

Do y ou pr efer a m ale or a fem ale? Why ?

Do y ou hav e a color pr efer ence? ( Yes or No) What Color ?

Would y ou consider a puppy of anot her color or sex if y our pr efer ences ar e not av ailable? ( Yes or No)

How soon ar e y ou look ing t o get a puppy ?

What act iv it y lev el ar e y ou com fort able w it h in a dog? ( low , m edium , high)

Do y ou int end t o com pet e w it h y our dog? ( Yes or No)

Do y ou plan t o par t icipat e on any of t he follow ing act iv it ies w it h y our Aust r alian Shepher d? ( Cir cle all t hat apply )

Confor m at ion Obedience Her ding Agilit y Tr ack ing Fly ball Therapy Br eeding Ot her :

I f y ou ar e not planning on br eeding or show ing, w ould y ou be w illing t o hav e y our Aust r alian Shepher d Spay ed or Neut er ed? ( Yes or No)

All of our puppies ar e sold on ASCA/ AKC Lim it ed Regist r at ion and spay / neut er agr eem ent s. I s t his a pr oblem ? ( Yes or No) I f Yes, w hy ?

How m any adult s liv e in y our hom e?

How m any childr en liv e in y our hom e and w hat ar e t heir ages?

I s any one in t he hom e aller gic t o dogs? ( Yes or No) I f y es, please ex plain how t he aller gy w ill be cont r olled.

Ar e all t he m em ber s of t he household com for t able ar ound t he pr esence of a puppy t hat could nip, j um p and chew dur ing it s t r aining st ages?

What ar e y our plans for housing, t r aining, and ex er cising y our Aust r alian Shepher d?

How do t he m em ber s of t he fam ily feel about cleaning fecal m at er ial fr om t he y ar d, possible holes being dug in t he landscaping, and pat hs being w or n fr om t he pat t er of paw s ar ound t he y ar d?

Ar e y ou com for t able w it h a br eed t hat sheds m oder at ely ? ( Yes or No)

On av er age, w hat do y ou plan t o spend per y ear on food, v et er inar y car e, and so for t h for y our Aust r alian Shepher d?

How m uch do y ou ex pect t o pay for an Aust ralian Shepher d puppy ?

Hav e y ou spok en w it h any ot her Aust r alian Shepher d br eeder s? ( Yes or No) I f Yes, please list t hem :

Ar e y ou curr ent ly on t he w ait ing list for any ot her lit t er s? ( Yes or No)

Ar e y ou int er est ed in being cont act ed about Rescue dogs or older dogs needing placem ent if w e should com e acr oss a dog t hat w e feel w ould suit y our needs? ( Yes or No)

Do y ou ow n or r ent y our hom e?

Ty pe of dw elling:

House Apar t m ent / Condo Mobile Hom e RV or Tr ailer

I f y ou ar e rent ing or liv e in a condo, do y ou hav e y our landlor d’s or condo associat ion’s per m ission t o k eep a dog? ( Yes or No)

Do y ou have a fenced y ar d? ( Yes or No)

I f y es, t ype of fence, w idt h, height :

I f no, w hat ar r angem ent s w ill y ou hav e for t he dogs t oilet dut ies:

Wher e w ill t his dog spend t he day ( Cir cle all t hat applies)

Loose indoor s Cr at e Basem ent Gar age Fenced Yar d Kennel Run Loose out door s Ot her :

How m any hour s on t he av er age w ill t he dog spend alone?

Wher e w ill dog spend t he night ( Cir cle all t hat applies)

Loose indoor s Tied up out side Crat e Basem ent Gar age Fenced Yar d Kennel Run Loose Out door s Ot her :

Hav e y ou ev er giv en up a dog t o a shelt er or pound? I f so, w hy ?

What t y pe of per sonalit y ar e y ou look ing for in y our dog?

Who w ill t ak e car e of y our puppy w hen y ou go on v acat ion?

Please list t w o r efer ences such as a Vet er inar ian, per son act iv e in dogs or close acquaint ance. I nclude a phone num ber and e- m ail addr ess if possible for each r eference.

I f y ou ar e est ablished w it h a v et , please pr ov ide nam e, addr ess and phone of v et .

How did y ou find out about t his breeding?

Puppy Applicat ion

Nam e _______________________

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