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Form NameRci Or National License Fingerprint Card Form
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Instructions for RCI Multi-Jurisdiction License Application Process

GENERAL INFORMATION: All participating jurisdictions have agreed to accept the Multi-Jurisdiction License Application in lieu of a state or provincial license form. Participating jurisdictions and fees are current as of October 11, 2001. You may call the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) or participating jurisdictions to inquire about any updates.

APPLICATIONS: Makecopiesofthecompleted Multi-JurisdictionLicenseApplication and either hand deliver or mail it along with the applicable fee (see fee structure for each jurisdiction) to each participating jurisdiction where you are seeking a license. You are responsible for delivering this application and applicable fees to each jurisdiction. Participating jurisdictions will not forward copies of this application and fees to other jurisdictions.

FINGERPRINTS: Some states require that first-time licensees submit an RCI fingerprint card and the payment of a $34 fee (some require $38). You will submit a fingerprint card to only one of the participating jurisdictions. Tohavefingerprintreports sent to all other jurisdictions to which you plan to apply, mark those jurisdictions on the back of the RCI fingerprint card. You may choose to get fingerprinted at a race track or by your local police or sheriff’s office. Regardless of the location, be sure to use the RCI fingerprint card. Additionally, those renewing licensees may be required to submit fingerprintsonaperiodicbasis;typically,onceeveryfiveyears. Applicantswillbeadvised of requirements by each jurisdiction. Refer to the fee schedule for directions regarding to whom checks should be made payable to and whether separate checks are required (one for your license and one for your fingerprints, if using the RCI fingerpint card).

WHERE TO MAIL FORMS: Completed fingerprints along with a check or money order for $34 or $38 (no cash!) may be mailed to the racing commission where you plan to race next or to the commission requiring your prints. Thiscompleted license form and applicable license fee must accompany the completed fingerprint card and fingerprint fee. The payment for fingerprints varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Refer to the available fee schedule to determine both the license fees and fingerprint fees.

For RCI fingerprint cards, further information or questions on license fees, please contact the next jurisdiction in which you plan to apply for a license or the RCI headquarters at (859) 224-7070.

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