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Are you in need of a comprehensive service plan for your residential property? If so, then a residential service form might just be what you’re looking for. Having a solid service form in place will provide both owners and tenants with the clarity and understanding necessary to ensure that residents have access to the services they require. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it is important for landlord or rental companies to have established forms that clearly outline their services and rules as well as how creating such a document will benefit all parties involved. So keep reading if you want to learn more!

Form NameResidential Service Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesduke energy new construction service request form, alliant energy service application form, xcel application for service, excel energy online

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CO | NM | TX | MN | MI | WI | ND | SD



Welcome to Xcel Energy. We look forward to serving your energy needs. Please fill out the application below and return it to us immediately for the processing of your information. If applicable, any service fees and/or deposits will invoice on your first statement.

In order to protect your identity and be compliant with Federal Trade Commission Rules, we will be asking you for your Social Security number, driver’s license number or in state-issued ID. This information is used by Xcel Energy generally for identification purposes, such as to verify your identity when setting up an account or to verify your identity when later discussing information with you related to your account.

Date to start billing at your new address _______________________

Owner/Property Manager Name _______________________________________________ Phone ( _______ ) ___________________________

Customer Information

First Name _______________________________________ MI _______ Last Name __________________________________________________

Social Security Number _____________ - ________ - _____________ or Driver’s License or State ID Number ____________________________


Home E-mail Address ________________________________________ Home ( _______ ) ____________________________________________

Name of Employer ___________________________________________ Work ( _______ ) ____________________________________________

Cell ( _______ ) ____________________________________________

Additional Customer Information

First Name ______________________________________ MI ______ Last Name __________________________________________________

Social Security Number _____________ - ________ - _____________ or Driver’s License or State ID Number ____________________________


Home E-mail Address ________________________________________ Home ( _______ ) ____________________________________________

Name of Employer ___________________________________________ Work ( _______ ) ____________________________________________

Cell ( _______ ) ____________________________________________

Service Information

Previous Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do we need to end billing at previous address?




no If yes, what date is this effective? _____________________________________

New Service Address ______________________________________________________________________________ Apt #_________________

City_______________________________________________________ State ________________ ZIP Code ______________________________

Mailing address if different ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Regarding Deposits

In Colorado, Texas and New Mexico our customers may be required to pay a deposit. We will hold the deposit until you have made twelve months consecutive on time payments or if the account is closed. You have the option for us to run a credit check to see if the deposit can be waived. If you would like us to run a credit check you must initial here, sign below and provide your Social Security number in the space provided above. Initial __________________________________

Tenant Signature ______________________________________ Date_______________


Manager Signature ____________________________________ Date_______________

Please note: If Xcel Energy is backdating the request to start service, the tenant must sign and date this form or the request can not be processed. We will also require the tenant signature if they are requesting we run a credit check.

Xcel Energy 24-hour Residential Service: 1-800-895-4999 | Residential Service Fax: 1-800-895-2895

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Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin, Public Service Company of Colorado, Southwestern Public Service Company, Xcel Energy Companies

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