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Other namesroad sign test missouri, missouri road signs test, missouri drivers license renewal signs test, road signs test missouri

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Highway Sign Recognition Study Sheet

Missouri Department of Revenue

No Left Turn

No Right Turn

No U-Turn

Stop Sign

Yield Sign

Do Not Enter Sign

You must wait until

A yield sign is triangular.

When you see this sign at

crossing vehicles and

It is red and white with red

roadway openings, do not

pedestrians have

letters. It means you must

enter this road.

cleared. You must stop

slow down and yield the


at the stop line if one is

right-of-way to trafic in


present even if it is

the intersection you are


located past the stop sign.

crossingor roadway you



are entering.


Railroad Crossing

Slippery When Wet

Signal Ahead

The advance warning sign

The road ahead becomes

There is a trafic light signal

tells you that you are

unusually slippery in wet

ahead on the road you are

nearing a railroad crossing.

weather. Drive carefully in

on. Be ready to stop.

Be prepared to stop.

these conditions.


Curve Sign


Added Lane

A curve sign is used to

Trafic from another

Trafic from another road

warn of a curve where the

road may be entering

will be entering the road

recommended speed is less

the road you are on.

you are on. No merging

than the posted speed limit

Be prepared for vehicles

is necessary because a

for the highway.

to move into your lane.

lane has been added.

No Trucks

School Crossing

Slow down. Watch for

children crossing the road. NOTE: This sign is being transitioned to neon green. This transisition will take effect within the next 10 years.


Another road crosses

the road you are on.

Watch carefully for trafic

crossing your path.

Begin Divided


The road will soon become

two-way trafic divided by a

median or barrier.

Form 4869 (Revised 06-2013)

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