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Certification of Compulsory School


A FORM SF 1010 is for students wishing to obtain their Tennessee Learners Permit. Students who already have a valid Tennessee Learners Permit and wish to obtain a Tennessee Drivers License do not need a FORM SF 1010.

In order to qualify for a FORM SF 1010 a student must be in compliance with the State of Tennessee Compulsary Attendance Laws and earn a minimum of two credits during the preceeding term. Students who have fifteen or more unexcused absences in a term or ten consecutive unexcused absences do not qualify for a Tennessee Learners Permit.

Complete this application and deliver it to Mrs. Key in the Attendance Office at Powell High School. You may pick-up your FORM SF 1010 five school days from the day your form is received by Mrs. Key.

After PHS has processed a students application the student has a period of thirty days to obtain the Tennessee Learners Permit. If the thirty day period lapses and no Tennessee Learners Permit is obtained and an additional FORM SF 1010 is requested a $2.00 fee will be assessed.


Full Legal Name













Date of Birth























Social Security Number



Phone Number






Street Address




















Zip Code













Parent / Legal Guardian Full Legal Name
































Relationship to Applicant













If applicant has had a previous Learners Permit or Drivers License revoked or has a license from another state, the following information must be provided.

License NumberState

I have read the information on this form and understand the requirements for obtaining a FORM SF 1010.

Student Signature










You may now log-on to www.tennessee.gov to schedule an appointment for your Tennessee Drivers License.

No appointment is needed to obtain a Learner’s Permit.

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