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The Spangler order form is an important document for businesses. It outlines the specific products that a company wishes to order from a supplier, as well as the quantities and prices of those products. This form can be used to place orders with suppliers online or over the phone. Having a clearly defined order form helps ensure that all necessary information is communicated between the buyer and seller, and that each party understands what is being ordered.

We've collected some technical details about the spangler order form. It might be helpful to find out its size, the typical time to prepare the form, the blanks you will have to fill in, and so on.

Form NameSpangler Order Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesdum dum wrappers for stuff, dum dum wraps, dumdum savewawrappers, dum dum wrapper codes spreadsheet

Form Preview Example



Business Name


Mailing Address





Zip Code











Dum Dums Stickers

20 Wrappers





Drum Man Keychain**

20 wrappers



Drum Man Magnet**

20 wrappers



Dum Dums Lip Balm**

20 wrappers



(Mark qty & assortment): ASST #1____ ASST #2____






+ (per item)

(per item)


$4.00 ea. $4.00 ea. $5.00 ea. $5.00 ea. $5.00 ea. $5.00 ea. $5.50 ea. $5.50 ea.

Dum Dums Bracelet

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Flying Disc**

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Mousepad**

20 wrappers

Dum Dums School Kit*

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Lunch Sack*

20 wrappers

Drum Man Plush*

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Binoculars*

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Water Bottle

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Stationary Set

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Red T-shirt

20 wrappers

(Mark qty for each size: S 6-8____M 10-12____L 14-16____ Adult: M____L____XL____

Dum Dums Knit Hat

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Backpack**

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Beach Towel

20 wrappers

Dum Dums Pajama Pants

20 wrappers

(Mark qty for each size: Youth: S____

M____ L____

Dum Dums Hooded Sweatshirt

20 wrappers

(Mark qty for each size: Youth: M____ L____ Adult: M____ L ____ XL ____

$5.50 ea. $5.50 ea. $5.50 ea. $5.50 ea. $6.00 ea. $6.00 ea. $6.00 ea. $6.00 ea. $6.00 ea. $6.00 ea. $7.00 ea. $7.00 ea. $7.00 ea. $7.00 ea. $9.50 ea. $9.50 ea. $9.50 ea. $9.50 ea. $12.00 ea. $12.00 ea.

$15.00 ea. $15.00 ea. $16.00 ea. $16.00 ea. $21.00 ea. $21.00 ea. $25.00 ea. $25.00 ea.

$30.00 ea. $30.00 ea.

TOTALS (enclosed)







For promotions/discounts


Please add my email to the Dum Dums Digest email newsletter






For promotions/discounts


Please add my email to the Candy 2 Business email newsletter

Please select appropriate pricing: USD - US Dollars CAD - Canadian Dollars





*Recommended for children over 3

** Recommended for children over 5



(Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)

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Submitting files using this PDF editor is more straightforward as compared to nearly anything. To update dum dum codes the document, there's nothing you have to do - just proceed with the steps listed below:

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entering details in watermelon dum dum code wrapping part 1

Write down the expected details in the field Mark qty for each size S M L, Dum Dums Knit Hat, Dum Dums Backpack, Dum Dums Beach Towel, Dum Dums Pajama Pants, wrappers, wrappers, wrappers, wrappers, Mark qty for each size Youth S M L, ea ea, ea ea, ea ea, ea ea, and Dum Dums Hooded Sweatshirt.

Filling in watermelon dum dum code wrapping part 2

Step 3: As soon as you choose the Done button, your ready document may be transferred to each of your devices or to electronic mail specified by you.

Step 4: To protect yourself from possible future troubles, make sure you have at the very least a couple of copies of any file.

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