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Embarking on a journey of volunteerism is a commendable endeavor for any student, offering both personal growth and academic benefits. Central to managing this journey is the Student Volunteer Service Program form, a crucial document for students like those at J. P. Taravella High, aiming to track their service hours meticulously. This form meticulously records the student's details, including their name, ID, grade, and the academic year, alongside the specific organization where they volunteer. Importantly, it underscores the necessity of submitting this log to the coordinator, in this case, Mr. Foss, for the formal recognition of these hours. However, this submission does not guarantee automatic approval; a verification process is a critical step. For services outside school-sponsored organizations, an extra layer of validation is required through the Student Volunteer Service Application/Approval Form, signed by the coordinator. This stipulation aims to maintain the integrity and alignment of volunteer efforts with educational goals. Noteworthy too is the policy that the initial 40 hours may not require this application, encouraging students to commence their service journey with ease. The form is comprehensive, detailing the volunteer activities performed, the time invested, and contact verification to ensure authenticity. This meticulous process not only fosters a structured approach to volunteerism but also ingrains a sense of responsibility, preparation for real-world engagements, and the significance of following official procedures in students.

Form NameStudent Volunteer Service Program Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesbroward schools service hours forms, broward county community service hours log sheet, fill out broward county form for ministry volunteer, jp taravella service hours sheet

Form Preview Example


Service Hour Log Sheet

Student Name: ________________________________ Student Number: ________________________ Graduation Year:__________

School Name: _J. P. TARAVELLA HIGH____________School Year: ____________________________Grade Level:_____________

Name of Organization with which or for which the service is being performed: _______________________________________________________________________

Please read this important information:

1.Submitting this log sheet to the Student Volunteer Service Program Coordinator (Mr. Foss) does not mean that the hours indicated on it will automatically be applied to the Student Volunteer Service Program. All volunteer hours are subject to verification.

2.If service hours indicated on this sheet are with or for an organization not sponsored by the school, they will not count in the Student Volunteer Service Program unless you have a copy of the Student Volunteer Service Application/Approval Form signed by Mr. Foss. You must make a copy of your signed application and present it with this log sheet. Applications are not required for the first 40 hours of service

3.Students should check with Mr. Foss BEFORE beginning their service to ensure their activity qualifies for credit.


Activity or Task Performed

Time In

Time Out

Total Hours Worked

Contact Person’s Signature

Telephone Number

Total Hours Volunteered(State in hours and minutes not fractions)