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The Super Teacher Worksheet form streamlines the process for educational institutions looking to renew their site license, ensuring they continue benefiting from a vast repository of resources without interruption. Located in Tonawanda, New York, Super Teacher Worksheets clearly outlines the required steps to renew access for schools, providing various options for contact and payment to accommodate different preferences. The form requests detailed information, such as the school's current username and a new password for enhanced security, alongside contact details for a designated person responsible for the renewal. It caters to both single school building licenses and multiple school building licenses, with the cost structure set at $300 for a single building and $200 per building for districts with multiple sites, reflecting the company's adaptability to different educational needs. Additionally, the form presents flexible payment options, including by mail, fax, or phone, and specifies the need for clear printing of information to avoid processing delays, highlighting an emphasis on efficiency and customer satisfaction. By providing an email for support queries and detailed instructions for the payment process, Super Teacher Worksheets ensures a user-friendly experience, underlining its commitment to supporting educators and students alike.

Form NameSuper Teacher Worksheet
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Super Teacher Worksheets

2 Main Street

Tonawanda, New York 14150

phone: 716-260-2560

fax: 716-260-2516


Order Form: Renew Site License

Please use this form if you're renewing a school site license.

Please allow up to 7 days for the order to be processed. We will e-mail you when your account is ready.

Please print clearly.

Your School's Current Username: _____________________________ New Password: _____________________________

(Note: Your school's username should remain the same. We request that you choose a new password each year.)

Contact Information:

Name of Contact Person: __________________________________________________ Position/Title: ___________________________________

School Name: ___________________________________________ School District: _________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________ State/Province: __________________ Zip/Postal Code: _________________

Country: _____________________________________________ E-mail address: _____________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________ Fax: _______________________________________________________________

Account Information:

_______ Single School Building Site License

Grants 1 year of access to all staff within a single building. $300 (US)

_______ Multiple School Building Site License

Districts with multiple buildings can purchase multiple building licenses. $200 (US) per building

If you're purchasing multiple school building licenses, please attach name and address of each school in the group.

Billing Information:

How would you like to pay?

mail a check with this form check # _____________________

fax this form (716-260-2516) and pay

with credit card over the phone (716-260-2560)

mail or fax purchase order

purchase order # ______________________

Complete this section only if you are using a purchase order.

Would you prefer the invoice mailed or faxed? ____________

Please include address or fax number for sending the invoice.



Payment Information:

Please print this page, complete the form, enclose payment, and mail to:

Super Teacher Worksheets

2 Main Street

Tonawanda, New York 14150 USA

Purchase orders can be faxed to: 716-260-2516 Please include:

1.a completed copy of this form

2.names and addresses of school buildings

3.purchase order or other forms from your school

Checks can be made payable to: Super Teacher Worksheets

Thank you for your order!

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