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Are you working as a contractor for which you have sworn an affidavit of construction? If so, then the Sworn Construction Statement form is something that you should familiarize yourself with. This official document ensures that both contractors and their customers are aware of the terms and conditions of their agreement prior to beginning any job. By signing this statement, those involved agree on wage rates, objectives, possessions used in the project and more--all while ensuring the safety and security of all stakeholders. In this blog post, we will delve into what exactly a Sworn Construction Statement form is; its purpose; who needs to complete it; how it can be obtained; when it needs to be filled out; what information needs to be provided in each section; common FAQs regarding these documents; and more!

Form NameSworn Construction Statement Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
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Form Preview Example


Owner’s Name ________________________________________________________________

Property Address _______________________________________________________________

Attached to this Statement is a list of all subcontractors and suppliers. Any change to the list or this Statement must be given to the Lender or Title Company.









8.Concrete Work


10.Grain Tile




14.Sheet Metal/ Gutters

15.Sheetrock/ Plastering






19.Millwork-Trim/ Windows

20.Cabinets- Counter/Vanity Tops


22.Septic System





©2004 Rinke Noonan

23.Water/Gas/ Sewer Hookup




27.Air Conditioning

28.Electrical Wiring

29.Electrical Fixtures


31.Painting/ Interior Decorating

32.Painting - Exterior

33.Tile Work - Ceramic/Plastic

34.Linoleum/Floor Tile


36.Garage Doors





41.Carpenter Labor












©2004 Rinke Noonan

The undersigned contractor and owner of the Property state that the attached list contains the names of all subcontractors and suppliers for specific portions of the work on this Property. All material costs shown are correct. The items mentioned include all labor and material required to complete the building according to plans and specifications and there are no other contracts outstanding. There is nothing due or to become due for materials, labor or other work other than as above stated.

To increase the cost of construction, owner or contractor must furnish to the Lender and the Title Company with additional owner deposits (if requested) to cover the increase. In the event of an increase, no orders or claims will be made until the information and additional deposits shall have been made. The purpose of this Statement is to induce the Title Company to pay out of the proceeds of a loan of $____________________, secured by a mortgage on the Property; and that upon payment of the specific

unpaid items listed herein, the undersigned contractor hereby agrees to waive all claims of priority to said mortgage. The undersigned hereby authorizes Lender and Title Company to disburse the proceeds of the above real estate mortgage, together with such additional funds as undersigned furnishes and makes available, to the Contractor and/or subcontractors from time to time as work progresses, on the basis of the Construction Statement and lien waivers presented.

The undersigned specifically agrees to pay any unpaid bills for construction or site improvements, to remove mechanic’s liens should any be filed against said Property, and to pay all bills, costs, expenses and legal fees; and indemnify said company against any loss should it become necessary for the company to bring action to remove the lien or to pay the bills.

The parties agree to appoint the Title Company as Escrow Agent; and the Lender is authorized to advance to the Escrow Agent from time to time during the progress of construction adequate funds to pay for costs of construction as warranted by lender’s periodic inspection of progress of construction.

A facsimile signature on this Statement is valid as an original.

Subscribed and sworn to before this ______












Notary Public



Contractor (Title)









©2004 Rinke Noonan

How to Edit Sworn Construction Statement Form Online for Free

Once you open the online PDF tool by FormsPal, you can easily fill in or change construction statement statements right here and now. FormsPal development team is relentlessly endeavoring to enhance the tool and help it become even faster for users with its many features. Bring your experience to another level with constantly developing and exciting possibilities we provide! Getting underway is effortless! What you need to do is take these easy steps down below:

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Filling out this PDF requires care for details. Make certain every single blank is done correctly.

1. First, once filling out the construction statement statements, start in the section that contains the next fields:

Tips on how to prepare construction sworn statement form step 1

2. Just after the prior part is filled out, go on to type in the relevant information in all these: Lumber, Siding, Roofing, Sheet Metal Gutters, Sheetrock Plastering, Brickwork ChimneyFireplace, Ornamental Iron, Insulation, MillworkTrim Windows, Cabinets CounterVanity Tops, and Hardware.

How to complete construction sworn statement form portion 2

3. The following portion will be focused on Hardware, Septic System, and Rinke Noonan - fill in all of these empty form fields.

Rinke Noonan, Septic System, and Hardware of construction sworn statement form

4. This specific subsection comes next with these fields to complete: WaterGas Sewer Hookup, Well, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical Wiring, Electrical Fixtures, GlassMirrors, Painting Interior Decorating, Painting Exterior, and Tile Work CeramicPlastic.

GlassMirrors, Electrical Wiring, and Well of construction sworn statement form

It's easy to get it wrong while completing the GlassMirrors, hence ensure that you go through it again prior to when you finalize the form.

5. Now, this last section is precisely what you will need to wrap up prior to using the form. The blanks at this stage include the next: Tile Work CeramicPlastic, LinoleumFloor Tile, Carpeting, Garage Doors, Appliances, Blacktopping, BeddingSod, Landscaping, Carpenter Labor, Contractors Fee, and Furnishings.

Stage # 5 of filling out construction sworn statement form

Step 3: After double-checking the form fields, press "Done" and you are done and dusted! Go for a free trial account with us and gain instant access to construction statement statements - download, email, or edit from your FormsPal account page. Whenever you work with FormsPal, you're able to complete forms without the need to get worried about personal data breaches or entries getting shared. Our secure system ensures that your private details are kept safe.