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In the realm of educational development and teacher evaluation, the Teacher Observation 6 form stands as a pivotal tool designed to enhance instructional effectiveness and foster an environment of continuous improvement. Serving as part of the Crestline Teacher Evaluation System, this structured document facilitates a detailed pre-observation planning and lesson reflection process. By requiring teachers to outline the lesson's goals, expected student outcomes, and alignment with educational standards, the form promotes a proactive approach to teaching. Prior to the classroom observation, teachers provide their evaluators with this completed form, setting the stage for meaningful pre-observation discussions based on set objectives and strategies. Following the lesson, the reflection segment of the form prompts educators to evaluate the lesson's impact, examining assessment data, student engagement, instructional methods, and the overall learning environment. This reflective practice not only assists in identifying areas for growth but also celebrates effective teaching strategies. Through its comprehensive coverage of lesson planning, delivery, differentiation, resource utilization, and student assessment, the Teacher Observation 6 form embodies a systematic approach to teacher evaluation and professional development. It underscores the importance of informed lesson planning, tailored instruction, and reflective practice in meeting the diverse needs of students, thereby enriching the educational experience.

Form NameTeacher Observation Form 6
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameslesson observation form, sample comments and suggestions for teachers observation, observation sheet for teachers, teacher observation forms pdf

Form Preview Example

Form 6

Crestline Teacher Evaluation System

Pre-Observation Planning and Lesson Reflection Form


Teacher com pletes the left side of this form prior to the lesson to be observed. Provide your evaluator with a copy of this form to be used for discussion during the pre-observation conference and for reference during the classroom observation.

Com plete the right side of this form follow ing the lesson that was observed. Use this form to reflect on the lesson, and take a copy to your evaluator to be used for discussion during the post-observation conference.



GOALS (Standard 4: Instruction)

What are the goals for the lesson? What will student know/do/understand?

Why is this learning important?

What standards are addressed in the planned instruction?


ASSESSMENT DATA (Standard 3: Assessment)

What assessment data was examined to inform this lesson planning?

What does pre-assessment data indicate about student learning needs?


(Standard 1: Students / Standard 2: Content / Standard 4: Instruction)

What prior knowledge do the students need for this lesson?

What are the connections to previous and future learning?

KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS (Standard 1: Students)

What should the evaluator know about the student population?

Pre-Observation Planning and Lesson Reflection Form

L esso n

LESSON DELIVERY (Standard 2: Content / Standard 4: Instruction)

How will the goals for learning be communicated to students?

What instructional strategies and methods will be used to engage students and promote independent learning and problem solving?






DIFFERENTIATION (Standard 1: Students / Standard 4: Instruction)

How will the instructional strategies address all students’ learning needs?

How will the lesson engage and challenge students of all levels?

RESOURCES (Standard 2: Content / Standard 4: Instruction)

What resources/materials will be used in instruction?


(Standard 1: Students / Standard 5: Learning Environment)

How will the environment support all students and student learning?

How will different grouping strategies be used effectively?




How will you check for understanding during the lesson?

What products or demonstrations will assess student



learning/achievement of goals for instruction?


















R eflectio n

Pre-Conference Initials: Teacher ______

Evaluator _____

Date & Tim e of Pre-Conference: ____________________

Post-Conference Initials: Teacher______

Evaluator _____

Date & Tim e of Post-Conference: ____________________

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observation sheet for teachers can be filled in online effortlessly. Just try FormsPal PDF tool to get it done in a timely fashion. In order to make our editor better and simpler to work with, we consistently develop new features, considering suggestions coming from our users. It just takes several basic steps:

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Step # 1 in completing printable teacher observation form

2. Soon after completing the last section, head on to the next part and fill in the essential details in these blank fields - PRIOR CONTENT KNOWLEDGESEQUENCE, What prior knowledge do the, KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS Standard, and What should the evaluator know.

How one can prepare printable teacher observation form step 2

3. This third section should also be quite easy, Lesson, Reflection, LESSON DELIVERY Standard Content, T E A C H, DIFFERENTIATION Standard Students, How will the instructional, RESOURCES Standard Content, and What resourcesmaterials will be - these blanks has to be filled in here.

Part # 3 of filling in printable teacher observation form

4. This next section requires some additional information. Ensure you complete all the necessary fields - A S S E S S, CLASROOM ENVIRONMENT Standard, How will the environment support, ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING, How will you check for, PreConference Initials Teacher, and PostConference Initials Teacher - to proceed further in your process!

Tips on how to fill out printable teacher observation form stage 4

Always be very careful while filling in ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING and How will you check for, since this is the part where most users make some mistakes.

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