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Telmate Verify is a form that allows inmates to request proof of their incarceration from Telmate. This form can be used to provide documentation for things such as parole hearings, job applications, or housing applications. In order to use the Telmate Verify Form, inmates must first create an account on Telmate's website. After creating an account, they will be able to access the Telmate Verify Form. Instructions for how to complete the form are included on the website. The form can be submitted electronically or through mail. Proof of incarceration is typically sent within two weeks of submission. In order to ensure accuracy, all information provided on the Telmate Verify Form must be correct and up-to-date.

The table provides information about the telmate verify. It may be helpful to find out its size, the typical time to complete the form, the fields you will need to fill in, and so forth.

Form NameTelmate Verify
Form Length8 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out2 min
Other namestelmate verified form, intelmate com, phone verify at intelmate, intelmate login

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Six Degrees of Identification



Table of contents

Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator tools defined

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Challenges: when inmates communicate, who


are they really connecting with?

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Complexities of investigation today

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Telmate and rapid innovation

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How Telmate Verified creates automatic user dossiers

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Benefits of Telmate Verified

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Better tools make better investigators

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Standard Telmate Investigator workflow

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Telmate Verified: Designed by Investigators for Investigators

Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator tools defined

Telmate Verified is an automated identity verification system included in every Telmate installation that authenticates all users. It is the core of Telmate Investigator, our investigator-centric suite

of tools. Telmate Verified is the technology additive that optimizes the performance of Telmate Investigator, allowing the tools to track and process every action including phone calls, deposits, video visits, messages, and shared photos.

Telmate Verified makes it possible for investigators to strengthen the acuity of their investigations and go light-years farther than previously thought possible. Our robust automated identity verification system has the power to stand apart from other systems that only track limited identities and actions. Telmate Verified makes the investigative side of Telmate the most powerful search tool available for correctional facilities.

Our advanced investigator tools work in tandem with Telmate Verified to search, extract and decipher data, turning inmate’s personal networks and crumbs of information into usable insights that help investigators connect the dots, and unlock unprecedented crime fighting intelligence. With a database of hundreds of thousands of verified users, investigators can search warrants, flag deposits, unravel gang alliances and find new evidence to incriminate suspects under investigation.

Telmate Verified empowers investigators by giving them the ability to uncover unknown relationships and positively identify their suspect, which is one of the most crucial processes and steps in a criminal investigation. It also provides fact-based jumps in the investigation, not just leaps of faith.

Challenges: When inmates communicate, who are they really connecting with?

Finding suspects who have a criminal record or a warrant is easy, but investigators report the real challenge is finding the often invisible connections – those people who are “off the radar.”

Connections mean nothing if you don’t know the identity of the individual who is out there having contact with an inmate. It’s not about what device is connected to what device; it’s about which person is connected to which person; and the person the device is attached to.

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Today, there are thousands of tools available to analyze device-to-device communications, but none of them can actually verify the identity of the individual. Instead, it is the real, human connections that give investigators the ability to be more effective in their jobs.

Within a jail or prison, there are myriad ways that inmates, friends, family and even staff, connect — including phone calls, video visits, deposits, messages, photo sharing, commissary orders, requests, grievances, and more. The sheer amount of individuals and possible combinations of connections through these various channels becomes staggering, especially when an investigator is trying to uncover clues and key relationships.

While most inmate communication systems track some user identities, Telmate Verified is the only system in corrections that literally makes it possible to track every user and every action within the Telmate system. In short, Telmate Verified tells investigators: who did what, when, and from where. This means that investigators know that “Paul” called “Mary” (Paul is an inmate and Mary is a Telmate Verified friends and family member in the Telmate system) from Facility X. And that in an instant, the investigator can know that Paul, who was booked on drug charges, was using a phone, in Pod 4, to contact Mary, who called from San Diego, CA, and who is also connected with another known drug dealer in the same facility. With Telmate Verified what was a hunch now becomes empirical fact.

Complexities of investigation today

For years, traditional police work has been carried out with boots-on-the-ground methods such as: scouring traditional types of databases; walking door-to-door to find information; gathering video in the area that a crime was committed.

Today investigators are dealing with ever growing numbers of cases and complex evidence sources. These investigators are often overworked with too many piled up cases, and in need of more than traditional investigator tools to stay ahead of criminal activity.

The traditional linear approach to boots-on-the-ground investigating and manually piecing together facts and evidence leads to higher costs and bogged down and bloated case backlogs. It is often difficult to see the bigger picture, realize efficacy, put all the facts together and save time. In general, these outdated methods do not offer scalable solutions, which leaves investigators looking to technology companies like Telmate, for more efficient ways to uncover the facts.

As to why investigators benefit when they implement technology like Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator. For example, the addition of Telmate Verified technology acts as a powerful force multiplier, giving one investigator the strength and capability of five investigators. And investigators quickly realize the benefits of technology in ways they

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never imagined possible. Nearly all investigators report that once they start being adopters of end-to-end investigative technology like Telmate Investigator, it far surpasses their expectations and becomes an essential component of an investigative division.

Telmate and rapid innovation

Telmate introduced technology into the corrections industry at a swift pace. We began by modernizing phone communications and rapidly expanded into today’s business, which includes secure forms of what we mostly use in our modern, technologically-driven world: messaging, video chats, phones, tablets, and mobile applications — all in a secure, controlled manner.

As a result of Telmate’s expansion, we have accumulated a significant amount of big data around criminal human networks. This human network behind crime is immensely valuable to investigators. Recognizing that advantage, Telmate has gone a step beyond any other corrections provider in the industry with Telmate Verified, to ensure that we have rich data on the identity of every person within the criminal network. In other words, we know and have verified the identity of every person that comes into our system.

Why does Telmate do this? There are a number of reasons. For example: Telmate Verified makes it easy to discover attempted or ongoing criminal behavior early on, allowing us to intervene and take appropriate action. Telmate Verified can prevent extortion and money laundering, while having the positive side benefit of crime reduction. In addition to crime prevention and reduction, the information we obtain is a treasure trove to investigators.

How Telmate Verified creates automatic user dossiers

From the initial point of contact to every subsequent interaction, Telmate Verified is automatically building comprehensive user dossiers. Each different point of contact into the Telmate system brings more information and continues to fill in a dynamic, rich data picture for investigators. This information is then confirmed and verified by third party sources, ensuring that the information provided is correct.

Information collection begins at account creation. When friends and family of an inmate want to receive calls, deposit funds, leave a voicemail, or schedule a video visit, they are first prompted to create an account through one of the following Telmate touch points:

-At a facility lobby kiosk

-Over the phone

-Online at

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As a result, from moment one Telmate Verified begins to harvest data and connect each user with inmates.

At the Kiosk

When an individual creates an account at the lobby kiosk, they must scan or swipe the front/ back of a photo ID, typically a drivers license. At this touchpoint, Telmate Verified harvests additional information such as:

-- DOB, zip code, address, and photo (we compare the photo on the ID to a real-time photo).

Over the Phone

When an individual creates an account over the phone, they are required to go through an automated process confirming their identity by answering a series of questions that are matched against a national database and background checks. At this touchpoint, Telmate Verified harvests:

-- First and last name, zip code, last four of SS.

Online at GettingOut Website

When an individual creates an account online, they are required to provide a valid credit card. At this touchpoint, Telmate Verified harvests:

-- First and last name, zip code, DOB, and address.

Once a user has created an account and becomes Telmate Verified, additional information is constantly being updated and gathered through any subsequent interaction they have with the Telmate system. For example, if a user makes any type of connection with an inmate, uses a new credit card, scans a new ID, or has a new photo taken at a kiosk, Telmate Verified automatically adds the information to the user profile, which bolsters the individual’s overall data picture. With our system, typically in only a few weeks of standard deposits, phone calls, visits and messages, Telmate Verified creates a user dossier that used to take investigators months to amass.

Benefits of Telmate Verified

When investigators use Telmate Verified and associated investigator tools, they bring speed, precision, efficiency and quality to their facility and investigations, while experiencing the following benefits:

Location and Linkage

“Telmate Verified has become an essential tool for our facility and the Investigations division in gathering intelligence on criminal activity as well as locating and linking individuals

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together who have previously been off of the Law Enforcement radar. It has the ability to provide a snapshot of associated individuals who may be involved in activities of interest that cannot be discovered otherwise.”

— Matt Martin, Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office

Identity and Intelligence

“The Covington County Sheriff’s Office uses Telmate Verified to gather intelligence and uncover covert operatives within our community. We believe it provides an excellent investigative tool to our investigators and jail staff to build and solve criminal cases. The technology that Telmate provides us is surpassed by none that I have encountered and we as an agency are thankful for that.”

— David Anderson, Covington County Sheriff’s Office

Time Savings

“Caseloads for investigators in Lake County have doubled in 5 years, I can’t simply rely on my old proven methods, I’ve now added to my tool chess, technology like Telmate Verified to stay ahead of crime.”

Detective Sergeant Jamie Harris, Lake County

Evidence Gathering

“With the use of the Telmate system, I have made felony cases, solved felony cases, located needed evidence, identified witnesses, obtained incriminating statements from defendants, the list goes on and on.”

— Lieutenant Rick Archer, Decatur Police Department

Better tools make better investigators

We created Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator, for investigators looking to use the best and most sophisticated set of tools in corrections today.

Our investigative system is the result of rapid and game-changing technology, which has also created a rich data source around criminal human networks that helps investigators to accelerate their investigative timelines.

Telmate is the cutting-edge of the new style of police work. Using Telmate Verified allows investigators to leverage advanced technology, work far more efficiently, and develop

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strategies in ways that were never before anticipated. Investigators want to solve crimes, protect communities and make the world a better place. They want tools to help carry out that mission. But traditional investigative work has lost its efficacy. With the Telmate system and its multi-dynamic uses, investigators now have the ability to run more, and increasingly sophisticated investigations.

Standard Investigator Workflow Using Telmate Investigator

Phase 1


Get new case, gather background on person of interest, and identify all key actions and relationships.

TOOL USED Connections Tool to analyze inmate’s per- sonal network both in and outside facility.

Phase 2


Look for anomalies in behavior and levels of association by com- piling inmate history.

TOOL USED Timeline Tool to filter and sort inmate data history such as video visits, deposits, mes- sages, and more.

Phase 3

OBJECTIVE Intercept covert infor- mation information by monitoring inmate calls with contacts.


3-way Call Detection to flag and monitor suspected calls from inmates to friends and family who are attempting criminal activiy.

Phase 4

OBJECTIVE Continue building investigative data picture and credible case based on verifiable information and data.

TOOL USED Telmate Verified to track every user action in the Telmate system, connect the dots, and bolster investigation.

The typical investigation is not about X marks the spot, but X moving along the path toward successful conviction.

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