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Are you looking for an easy and secure way to request a transcript from Fairmont? If so, then the Transcript Request Form is perfect for you. This form was designed by our team of professionals to provide students with a convenient and reliable way to submit their transcript requests quickly and securely. The data submitted through this form is protected using advanced encryption methods and stored in a secure database managed by Fairmont personnel. Our goal is to ensure that all transcript requests are processed promptly and accurately, giving applicants the confidence they need during the college application process. In this blog post, we will discuss how to complete the Transcript Request Form step-by-step so that you can move forward with your education journey!

Form NameTranscript Request From Fairmont Form
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We do not charge for normal processing of transcripts (2-5 business days). A special $9.00 rush charge will be assessed to orders that require 24 hour processing. Fill out one request for each separate mailing address. Transcripts will be processed in the order they are received. We cannot accept responsibility for delivery of transcripts once they leave our office. Requests must be made in writing. Requests from students who have financial holds on a student account will not be processed. If you check the RUSH box below, payment must accompany your request. Only 3 transcripts can be ordered at one time. We DO NOT fax or email transcripts.

Mailing Address: Fairmont State University, ATTN: Enrollment Services, 1201 Locust Ave, Turley Center Fairmont, WV 26554

Fax: (304) 367-4789; Email:


* All information marked with an asterisk (*) is required.

*SS# OR Student ID#: __________________________________ *Date of Birth: ____________________________________

*Last Name: _______________________________ * First Name: ________________________________ MI: ____________

Former Name(s): _____________________, _____________________, _____________________, ____________________

Current Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State: __________________ Zip Code: ______________ - _________

*Telephone Number (____) __________ - __________ Email Address: ___________________________________________

*Are you a Fairmont State graduate? Yes No *Are you currently enrolled at Fairmont State? Yes No *If you are not currently enrolled at Fairmont State, enter the last year you attended: _________________________

*Select the following options: (Failure to check the correct space will result in a processing delay or additional charges.)

Hold transcript for end of current term grade processing

I will pick up on ___________________

Hold transcript for recent degree

Send transcript immediately


RUSH (Payment MUST accompany request.)

I give _____________________________, ___________________________, permission to pick up my requests.



_______ Number of copies requested. (Please complete separate requests for different addresses.)

Mail Transcript(s) to:

___________________________________________________________ Institution


___________________________________________________________ Name/Title


___________________________________________________________ Address

___________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip

Please include CE courses.

Student’s Original Signature (required): ____________________________________________Date: ___________________


Name on Card

Daytime Phone Number



( )


$ 9.00






Card #


Expiration Date





City, State, Zip








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