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Navigating the process of obtaining academic records can often seem daunting; however, understanding the Trinity Transcript Request form can make this endeavor significantly more manageable. This essential document, utilized by past and present students of Trinity International University, serves as a formal request for academic transcripts. It's important to note that all requests are meticulously checked with Student Financial Services to ensure there are no outstanding balances. If a student has a delinquent account or loan balance, the transcript will not be released, and the request will become void after 14 business days unless the account is cleared. The form requires detailed student information, including personal details, attendance dates, and specifics regarding the requested transcript, such as the number of copies and the desired service options. Official transcripts incur a fee, and specific delivery methods like FedEx have additional charges, while options like USPS are available without charge. The form also complies with FERPA federal law, mandating a signature from the student for the request to be processed, safeguarding the student's privacy and ensuring the document's legitimacy. Moreover, it advises against mailing cash payments for security reasons. When completed, the form serves as a vital step towards facilitating students' academic and professional progression by providing them access to their educational records.

Form NameTrinity Transcript Request Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namestiu transcript online, tiu request printable, tiu transcript sample, tiu transcript

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Please note: All requests are cleared through Student Financial Services. No transcript is released if there is a delinquent student account or loan balance. You will be notified and your request will be made void after 14 business days if your account is not cleared or there is missing information.

Please allow 7 business days for processing & shipping.

Student Information






Maiden/Previous Name (if applicable)















Social Security Number:


Student ID:







Degree Program(s):




Primary Phone:







Date of Birth:



Did you attend prior to 1990?



Transcript Request

Number of Copies:



Please send transcript:







□ Pick up from Trinity Central

□ Unofficial transcript

□ Hold for Current Semester Grades



(No charge)

□ Hold for Current Degree Posting


□ FedEx ($30.00 per destination)

□ Official transcript

Degrees are posted 4 to 6 weeks


Arrives by noon the day after it is sent & cannot be sent to a PO Box.

($5.00 each)

after program completion.


Additional fees apply for international destinations.

Destination Information






(Additional destination, if applicable)














Attn: Office or Individual













Street Address













City, State Zip













Destination Phone Number

























Payment Information



Please make check or money order payable to Trinity International University.

If paying by credit card: □ Visa

□ MasterCard

□ Discover



CVC # (on back of card):



Name on Card:





Card Number:



Expiration Date:

Billing Address:





























In compliance with FERPA federal law, this form must be signed by the student for the request to be processed.

Note: For your protection, we recommend that you do not mail cash payments.

For Office Use Only




Total Due: $











□ Payment received




Request received:


___ by


□ $ □

Request completed:














Receipt e-mailed:

___ by


□ Payment processed

Confirmation e-mailed:










Trinity International University

Attn: Academic Records 2065 Half Day Road, Deerfield, Illinois 60015


Phone (847) 317-4200 Fax (847) 317-7040