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In order to ensure that all WMU students have a successful academic career, the university has created a Transcript Wmu form. The form can be completed by current students or recent graduates and is designed to provide the necessary information regarding the student's transcript. By completing the Transcript Wmu form, students can ensure that their transcript is accurately reflect their academic history at WMU.

We have collected some basic information about the transcript wmu. You will have the estimated time it'd take you to fill in the form plus some further details.

Form NameTranscript Wmu
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields50
Avg. time to fill out10 min 19 sec
Other nameshow to wmu transcript request, wmu transcript requests, western michigan university transcripts, western michigan university transcript request

Form Preview Example

Transcript Request Form


WMU ID or SSN:Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy):


First Middle InitialLast

Current mailing address

Number and street


Daytime Telephone:

E-mail address:

Please mail, fax or hand carry your request to:

Ofice of the Registrar

Western Michigan University

1903 W. Michigan AvenuesKalamazoo, MI 49008-5256

Telephone: (269) 387-4300 Fax: (269) 387-4170 E-mail and phone orders are not accepted.

Dates of Attendance:

Name attended under


Zip Code

Note: Each transcript will relect ALL academic work completed at Western Michigan University


Regular processing: transcript mailed or picked up Oficial Transcripts $5.00 each

Unoficial Transcripts $5.00 each

RUSH processing: fax services

UnoficialTranscripts $10.00 each (Oficial transcript will be mailed to same recipient)

Mail service (choose one)

First Class Mail

No additional charge

Express Mail

A prepaid, express mail envelope


from USPS must be provided by


the student.

FedEx *

Available in the USA only. FedEx


does not deliver to a PO Box.


Send after degree is posted:



Summer I Summer II

Fall Year

Send after grades are posted (includes grade changes):


Summer I Summer II

Fall Year

Send Now



Requestor is responsible for clear and complete mailing address:















Zip Code




Only unoficial transcripts can be faxed.


Student Signature: xDate:

Federal law requires the student signature of release for transcripts. All holds must be cleared before submitting a transcript request. Normal transcript processing time is 3 - 5 business days upon receipt of request.

*If you have selected FedEx service, you will be charged by WMU for the transcripts as well as by FedEx for the shipping fee. By your signature, you give WMU permission to give your credit card number to FedEx to be charged the appropriate shipping fee.




Credit Card Please circle: Visa MasterCard Discover


Amount: $ ______________

Name on credit card Card number Expiration Date

Authorized Signature x Amount $

Security Number



oCredit Card

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Completing western michigan university official transcript is not difficult. Our experts developed our PDF tool to make it convenient and enable you to fill in any form online. Below are a few steps that you should follow:

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Get the western michigan university official transcript PDF and enter the information for every single part:

western michigan transcript request spaces to consider

Provide the demanded information in the area Mail, service, choose, one First, Class, Mail, No, additional, charge Express, Mail FedEx, State, Zip, Code Date, OFFICE, USE, ONLY Cash, Check, Amount, oCa, sho, Check, o, Credit, Card and Name, on, credit, card

stage 2 to entering details in western michigan transcript request

The application will ask you for particulars to effortlessly fill in the section Amount, oCa, sho, Check, o, Credit, Card Name, on, credit, card Card, number and Security, Number

western michigan transcript request AmountoCashoCheckoCreditCard, Nameoncreditcard, Cardnumber, and SecurityNumber fields to fill out

Step 3: If you are done, select the "Done" button to export your PDF form.

Step 4: To prevent all of the difficulties in the long run, you should create at the very least several copies of the form.

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