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Form NameTiffin Transcript Request
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields36
Avg. time to fill out7 min 27 sec
Other namestiffin university official transcripts, tiffin university transcripts, tiffin university transcript order, unofficial transcripts tiffin

Form Preview Example


NAME ______________________________________________

Date _____________________________________________

(Print) Last


Middle Initial





Birthdate __________________________________________

PREVIOUS NAME(S)__________________________________





Last Year of Attendance




ADDRESS ___________________________________________





Number of Copies___________________________________

CITY__________________STATE _______ZIP_____________





Hold for Current Semester Grades _______Yes _______No

PHONE NO.__________________________________________





Hold for Degree to be Marked Graduated _____Yes ____No

SIGNATURE _________________________________________


(Must have signature or transcript cannot be sent)

Will Pick Up Transcripts (Date) _______________________

Student ID or Social Security No__________________________

Are you planning on transferring? ________Yes _______No

Mail Transcript to Student at the above address (Check box if Yes)


Mail Transcript To:







School Name / Organization


School Name / Organization












Street Address


Street Address











If you need more transcripts mailed, please attach separate page with completed information.

The current fee is $5.00 per transcript and is subject to change. Payment must be received before transcripts will be processed. If you are faxing the request, you can write a credit card number, including expiration date on the form. Transcripts will not be processed unless the Transcript Request Form is received. Orders over the phone are not acceptable. For questions, you may call 1-800-968- 6446 ext. 3270.

Please allow five (5) working days for processing (15 days at end of semester).

Transcript requests can be sent to: Tiffin University

Emailed to: Records@tiffin.edu


Attn: Registration & Records



155 Miami St



Tiffin, OH 44883

Faxed to: 419-443-5006


Credit Card Payment: Card Type:_______ Card Number:_______________________________________Exp. Date: ________


*All TU FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS MUST BE MET BEFORE TRANSCRIPT WILL BE PROCESSED The Bursar’s Office (419/448-3409) will contact you if you do not have a zero balance on your account.

********************************************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY*******************************************

Fee due $ ____________ Amount Paid $ ______________ Clerk ____________ Date Sent ________________________________

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