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Have you ever been on a trip and had something bad happen? Maybe your flight was cancelled, or you got lost in a new city. These things can ruin a trip. But there is a way to help prevent them from happening- by using a travel risk planning system form. This form can help you prepare for any kind of emergency that might come up while you're away from home. It's important to have one because it can make sure that you're prepared for anything.

The following are some information regarding travel risk planning system. This figure will give you information about the form's length, finalization time, and the areas you may be required to fill.

Form NameTravel Risk Planning System
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesarmy trip ticket, trips form, trips army risk assessment, army trips

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TRiPS (Travel Risk Planning System) is a free web-based program located at TRiPS makes your trip safer by assessing your travel plans. It can reveal hidden risks and offer recommendations to reduce those risks. TRiPS also strengthens accountability by allowing your supervisor or first-line leader to review your travel plans.






294 That's how many Marines have died in traffic accidents since 2001. Take one second for each and you will have less than five-minutes. That's all we ask you to invest in TRiPS.

This tool will help you (Marine or Civilian Marine) to reduce the risks you face every time you get behind the wheel or on your motorcycle.

Risk Management is not new - we do it before battle, exercises, and operations. TRiPS puts the benefits of the Risk Management process between you and your decisions. Use it and share it with other employees, fellow Marines, and your supervisor. Be Safe.

Risk Management Office 639-5249

DEC 06

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