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Recently, a number of my colleagues have been discussing the merits of using a trial notebook form to collect and organize information during trials. The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of what a trial notebook form is, why you might want to use one, and some tips on how to get the most out of this valuable tool. A trial notebook form is a document that allows attorneys and support staff to track the progress of a trial in an easily accessible format. Information that can be tracked includes witness testimonies, legal arguments, exhibits, and more. Having all of this information in one place can help attorneys stay organized and make sure that no important details are missed.

Before you complete trial notebook, you will want to learn more concerning the type of form you'll work with.

Form NameTrial Notebook
Form Length75 pages
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Avg. time to fill out18 min 45 sec
Other namestrial notebook sample, trial notebook forms, criminal trial notebook template, trial notebook examples

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Trial Notebook Techniques & Strategies

How to Create the Ultimate Trial Notebook

Be organized...Be Prepared!

Vicki Voisin, ACP


Christina L. Koch, ACP

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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies


About The Presenters





Module One:

The Introduction: What is a Trial Notebook?


Module Two:

Supplies, Resources and Your Trial First Aid Kit


Module Three:

When Do You Start Trial Preparation?


Module Four:

Choosing Your Software



Module Five:

Detailing Your Trial Notebook


Module Six:

Trial Notebook Sections




Voir Dire, Opening Statements and Closing Arguments



Pleadings, Motions and Discovery
















Jury Instructions/Trial Briefs








Module Seven:

The Electronic Trial Notebook


Module Eight:

The Trial Preparation



Module Nine:





Index of Forms





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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies

The Presenter: Vicki Voisin, ACP

Vicki Voisin, ACP , “The Paralegal Mentor,” is a nationally recognized author and speaker who delivers simple strategies for paralegals and other professionals to create success and satisfaction

by setting goals and determining the direction they will take their careers. Vicki spotlights resources, ethics issues, organizational tips, and other areas of continuing education to help paralegals and others reach their full potential.

She publishes Strategies for Paralegals Seeking Excellence, a bi-weekly ezine for paralegals and other professionals who want to create lasting success in their personal and professional lives. Additional information is available at She also hosts monthly Paralegal Mentor Mastermind Calls featuring guest experts who discuss issues of interest to the legal profession. For information or to register, go to calls.html.

After spending more than twenty years in the paralegal field, Vicki launched her Paralegal Mentor Program so she could share her knowledge and experience with other paralegals.

Vicki speaks on issues of interest to the legal profession and is the creator and presenter of EthicsBasics®, a unique and enormously popular program designed to raise awareness of ethical concerns by legal professionals. She has worked as a paralegal for more than 20 years and is currently employed by Running Wise & Ford, PLC in their Charlevoix, Michigan office.

Utilizing the EthicsBasics format, Vicki has made numerous presentations throughout the United States, addressing paralegals and other members of the legal staff, in both law firms and corporations. She is also a frequent speaker at meetings of professional associations; these presentations have been approved for Attorney MCLE.

Vicki has authored articles of interest to attorneys and paralegals in publications on the state and national level, including the Michigan Bar Journal, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, The Michigan Paralegal, Legal Assistant Today, LAAM’s Newsbrief, and The Career Chronicle and Facts & Findings published by NALA. Many of those articles have been re-printed nationwide.

Vicki is an active member of the Legal Assistants Section of the State Bar of Michigan, having served as Chair in 2005-06. In 2000, she received the Mentor’s Award from the Section and she was named Legal Assistant of the Year by LAAM, an award that was named in her honor. In 2003, NALA recognized her leadership in the development of the paralegal profession with the presentation of its President’s Award.

She is a past president of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and until recently served on NALA’s Advanced Certification Board. Vicki presents Basic Ethics I and II, Advanced Ethics, Ethics & Technology, and Time Organization Techniques on NALA Campus LIVE! She presented Social Networking: Not Just For Kids Any More at the 2009 NALA Annual Convention & Educational Workshops, July 8-11, 2009, San Diego, California.

Questions may be directed to Visit her blog at where she addresses matters of interest to legal professionals. Subscribe to her bi-weekly ezine titled Strategies for Paralegals seeking Excellence at

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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies

The Presenter: Christina L. Koch, ACP

Christina L. Koch, ACP is a NALA Advanced

Certified Paralegal in Trial Practice with more than twenty years of experience in the legal field. She received her Paralegal degree in 1991 and also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. She is a National Dean’s List Scholar.

In 2002, Christina joined the Omaha NE firm of Inserra & Kelley and is currently a Litigation Paralegal/Trial Practice Specialist. Her work with Inserra & Kelley includes

handling all aspects of litigation for the firm. She is adept in performing all aspects of litigation, including legal research, writing, discovery, investigative and analytical skills and preparation. Her experience includes the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation, products liability, FELA and insurance defense.

She is a member of NALA, NePA, and a paralegal affiliate of the American Association of Justice. Christina completed the NALA LEAP program in 2009 and was named to the Paralegal Superstar Calendar of the nationwide Paralegal Gateway for March of 2008.

Christina has served on the Nebraska Paralegal Association Board of Directors since 2007 and is currently a member of the AAJ Paralegal Task Force Advisory Committee.

She is a nationally recognized author and speaker on various litigation topics and was a member of the faculty of the Trial Specialist Institute in Las Vegas, NV.

Christina is a freelance legal author, speaker and blogger and the founder of the Nebraska Paralegals list serve.

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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies


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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies

Module One

The Introduction:

What Is a Trial Notebook?

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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies

Module One. What Is A Trial Notebook?

The biggest mistake attorneys and paralegals can make is to delay trial preparation until the week of the trial.

a. takes away any margin for error

b. may miss a key subpoena or document c. may omit critical elements of your claim

d. may fail to include evidence necessary to prove elements at trial

Ethics issues: The attorney must act with reasonable diligence on the client’s behalf and owes the client the duty of competency, as well as zealous representation. ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1 and 1.3

The trial notebook is your blueprint for trial and should be customized to the attorney who will try the case. The general rule is that it is organized in the same form and order that trial will progress.

Customary sections include:

Voir Dire

Opening Argument

Pretrial Orders/Motions


Plaintiff’s Witness List w/separate tabs for each witness

Defendant’s Witness List w/separate tabs for each witness

Plaintiff’s Exhibit List

Defendant’s Exhibit List

Closing Argument

Jury Instructions/Trial Briefs


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Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies

Module Two

Supplies, Resources


Your Trial First Aid Kit

©2010 Vicki Voisin Inc and Christina L. Koch ACP

All Rights Reserved


Trial Notebook Techniques and Strategies

Module Two. Supplies, Resources and Your Trial First Aid Kit

Tip: Keep basic supplies on hand, including:

several sizes of three or five ring binders

binder tabs

separator pages

three-ring college-ruled notebook paper

Tip: Keep your Trial First Aid Kit stocked.

Tip: Follow any rules re: cell phones; turn off alarms on any electronic devices, including watch alarms, BlackBerry, Palm Pilot, Kindle, etc.

©2010 Vicki Voisin Inc and Christina L. Koch ACP

All Rights Reserved



1.BASIC TRIAL SUPPLIES Paperclips Scissors

Scotch Tape

Small Stapler/Staples Paper Puncher

_____Blue Pens (4)

Black Pens (4)

Red Pens (2)

Highlighters (3 – different colors)

_____ Post-It Notes

Colored flags (you will find these near the post-it notes) Pencils (4) and Pencil Sharpener

_____ Legal Note Pads


_____ Flash Drive

Extra USB cord

_____ Presenter/Laser Pointer

_____ PowerPoint Presentation downloaded to Laptop


Extra Batteries

Tylenol and Advil (some people cannot take Advil)

_____ Cough Drops

_____ Chewing Gum

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Lotion

_____ Carmex/Chap Stick

_____ Petty Cash ($20.00 in bills and $3.00 - $5.00 in change)

_____ Protein Bars

4.BUSINESS SUPPLIES Attorney Business Cards

Paralegal Business Cards

_____ Any demonstrative exhibits?






How to Edit Trial Notebook Online for Free

We were creating this PDF editor having the concept of making it as fast to use as possible. That's the reason the actual procedure of creating the sample trial notebook will be smooth as you go through these actions:

Step 1: Choose the button "Get Form Here" on the website and next, click it.

Step 2: Now you can modify the sample trial notebook. You can use our multifunctional toolbar to include, remove, and change the text of the document.

For every single part, prepare the details demanded by the program.

example of gaps in trial notebook examples

Fill in the Customary sections include Voir, Vicki Voisin Inc and Christina L, and All Rights Reserved areas with any particulars that are requested by the software.

trial notebook examples Customary sections include  Voir, Vicki Voisin Inc and Christina L, and All Rights Reserved fields to fill out

You'll need to insert some data inside the space Module Two, Supplies Resources and, and Your Trial First Aid Kit.

Filling in trial notebook examples part 3

Please make sure to record the rights and responsibilities of the parties within the part.

trial notebook examples  blanks to fill out

Prepare the form by reviewing these areas: Vicki Voisin Inc and Christina L, and All Rights Reserved.

Completing trial notebook examples step 5

Step 3: Choose the Done button to be sure that your finished file may be transferred to every electronic device you pick out or mailed to an email you indicate.

Step 4: It's going to be easier to maintain duplicates of the document. You can be sure that we will not publish or see your details.

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