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Are you considering becoming a patient of Vanderbilt Medical Center? If so, then it’s important to understand the forms and paperwork you will need to complete in order to become an active patient. Our team at Vanderbilt Medical Center is committed to making your onboarding process go as smoothly as possible, and this blog post aims to provide you with answers regarding the specific medical forms required by our facility. By understanding what documents are needed ahead of time, we hope that your arrival can be even more stress-free and efficient. Let’s begin by discussing why these forms are necessary for us.

Form NameVanderbilt Medical Form
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Other namesmedical release form vanderbilt, vanderbilt release form, vanderbilt authorization release medical information, vanderbilt authorization for release of medical information

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Authorization for Release of Medical Information: Billing & Fees

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Medical Information Services 4560 Trousdale Drive, Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37204

Vanderbilt University Medical Center contracts with HealthPort to process requests for copies of medical records. The release of patient medical information is governed under federal and state laws.

To release your medical information from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, you must:

Complete all sections of the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form.

Hand-deliver, mail, or fax a signed request in writing to VUMC, Attn: Release of Information.

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign as well.

What we will provide to the patient at no cost (For patient Walk-in requests only).

At no cost to you, we will provide up to 50 pages of the medical records that are relevant to your care. This is called an abstract. If you want additional records, you will need to specify which ones on Page 1.

What is an abstract?

An abstract contains only the medical records needed by you and your providers to continue your care after discharge. This is what is released unless you ask for your legal medical record. (The abstract usually includes: Discharge Summary, History & Physical, Lab, Pathology, Operative Reports, Procedure Notes, Radiology Reports, Problem List and Medications).

What is a legal medical record?

In addition to what is in the abstract, your legal medical record has all the information needed to identify you, support your diagnosis, justify your treatment, and document your care and results.

What we will provide for a reasonable fee

If you want your records sent to someone other than your doctor or for your own personal use, you must complete and sign an authorization. Also, you or the person receiving the records must agree to pay the fees. Here are the fees, based on Tennessee Code Annotated 68-11-304(a)(2):

$0.85 per page for 1 to 50 page.

$0.35 per page for over 250 pages

$0.60 per page for 51 to 250 pages

$0.50 per electronic photograph

Plus postage and any taxes that may apply


If you would like to know in advance if the fee will be more than a certain amount, indicate this here: Let me know if the fee for my records will be more than $____________.

I understand that there may be fees for copying my medical records. By signing below, I agree to pay these fees when I am billed for them by HealthPort.

Name: ________________________________________________ Phone: ( ____ ) _______________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________________






Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _______________________

Not Part of Permanent Medical Record

Authorization for Release of Medical Information

Please contact the following departments directly, if your request for information is related to home care services, radiology/imaging services, pharmacy services, or financial records.



2120 Belcourt Avenue

Medical Imaging Library

Nashville, TN 37212

1301 Medical Center Drive

(615) 936-0336

TVC 1631


Nashville, TN 37232-2675


Phone: 615-322-0866


Fax: 615-343-6373

PHARMACY (Outpatient):


1301 22nd Ave. S.

Patient Accounting

Nashville, TN 37232-5611

One Hundred Oaks

(615) 322-6480

719 Thompson Lane, Ste 30140


Nashville, TN 37204


(615) 936-0910 or (866) 488-4677

How to Take Back (Revoke) your Authorization for Release of Medical Information

You have the right to take back (revoke) your authorization to release of your medical records. To do this you must put your request in writing and mail it to:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Medical Information Services

Attn: Release of Information

4560 Trousdale Drive

Suite 101

Nashville, TN 37204-4538

If you have any questions please call the Release of Information Department at 615-322-2062.

Revoking this authorization will not affect any actions that Vanderbilt University Medical Center may have already taken based on the authorization.

Also, if the authorization was a condition for getting insurance, revoking it does not affect the insurer’s right to contest a claim made under the policy, or the policy itself.

When you release your medical information, whoever receives it may share it (except for any notes about drug or alcohol use and psychotherapy notes) with someone else. In this case, the information may no longer be protected by the HIPAA/Privacy Rule.

Treatment cannot be withheld or based on getting this authorization.

Not Part of Permanent Medical Record

Medical Record #__________________


Medical Information Services

Authorization for Release of Medical Information


Please complete all pages of this form, sign, and return to:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Medical Information Services Attn: Release of Information 4560 Trousdale Drive Suite 101

Nashville, TN 37204-4538. Or submit by fax to (615) 343-0126. Contact our office at (615) 322-2062 with questions.

Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital Medical Information Services Attn: Release of Information 1601 23rd Ave. South

Nashville, TN 37212. Or submit by fax to (615) 327-7158. Contact our office at (615) 327-7153 with questions.




Date of Birth:



















































Previous Name:


Social Security#:













Patient Phone#:






















I request and authorize Vanderbilt University Medical Center to release medical information of the

patient named above.

RELEASE RECORDS TO: (Where records should be sent)



Same as above
































Pick up in person


























































E-mail Address:


(For Doctors or other HealthCare Providers Only)


















INFORMATION REQUESTED: Fees may apply. See Billing & Fees.

Is this request for psychotherapy notes?

If yes, this is the only item you may request on this authorization. You must submit a



separate authorization for any items below.


If no, you may check any items below.



































































Dates from :









Or specific date:














∙ Vanderbilt


Abstract (see definition on page 1)












University Hospital














Legal medical record (see definition on page 1)












∙ Monroe Carell Jr.


















OR Specific Categories









Children’s Hospital at




































History and physical

Radiology reports

Obstetrics (labor and delivery)



∙ Vanderbilt


Discharge summaries

Cardiac reports

Office/clinic notes






Psychiatric Hospital


Operative/procedure notes

Pathology reports

Respiratory reports






Vanderbilt Medical





Lab results

Circle One:











Emergency services

FMLA, Power of Attorney,





Other (specify):






Pre-Admission Screening & Resident Review)































The information to be released will cover the time period from:



Specific Date:




























































Payment Records












Page 1 of 2

MC 3916 (Rev. 06/2015)

Medical Record #__________________




h other health care provider as needed


Attorney/Legal Case

Other (specify):

Authorization for Release of Medical Information

I understand that my medical record may include information on diagnosis or treatment related to psychiatric or psychological conditions, drug or alcohol abuse, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or HIV status. I agree that any information about such diagnosis or treatment may be released.

I also understand that if I do not ask for my legal medical record or specify the records I want, the Medical Information Services department will send an abstract of my legal medical record.


(You must check one): I do ________ do not ________ authorize this information to be released.

I would like to limit the information to:

I understand that:

I may refuse to sign this authorization.

Refusing to sign this authorization will not affect my treatment, payment, enrollment, or eligibility for benefits.

I may take back (revoke) this authorization in writing, except for any actions already taken based upon it.

I understand that this authorization will expire when the records are released for the request dated below. Any requests after this date will need a separate authorization.

If the requestor or receiver is not a health plan or health care provider, the released information may no longer be protected by federal privacy rules and may be shared with others.

I get a copy of this form after I sign it.

Printed Name of Patient/Legal Representative:

Signature of Patient/Legal Representative:










Relationship to Patient:

Page 2 of 2

MC 3916 (Rev. 06/2015)

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2. Just after this part is filled out, proceed to type in the applicable details in all these - Please complete all pages of this, Vanderbilt University Medical, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital, Name, Address, PATIENT, City, IDENTIFICATION, Previous Name, Patient Phone, Date of Birth, State, Zip, Social Security, and I request and authorize Vanderbilt.

Part no. 2 in filling in vanderbilt authorization release

Those who use this form often make mistakes when filling out City in this area. Be sure you go over whatever you enter right here.

3. Completing Mail Pick up in person Fax, Same as above, NameAgency Address City Phone, State, Zip, Fax, For Doctors or other HealthCare, INFORMATION REQUESTED Fees may, Is this request for psychotherapy, If yes this is the only item you, MEDICAL RECORD, INCLUDES, RECORDS FROM, Vanderbilt, and University Hospital is essential for the next step, make sure to fill them out in their entirety. Don't miss any details!

vanderbilt authorization release conclusion process detailed (part 3)

4. Filling out OTHER, DEPARTMENT, The information to be released, cid Payment Records, specify, Specific Date, and Page of MC Rev is essential in the next step - you should definitely don't rush and fill in each and every blank area!

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5. The last point to complete this document is crucial. Ensure you fill in the displayed form fields, such as PURPOSE OF, RELEASE, FMLA, AttorneyLegal Case, h other health care provider as, Other specify, Authorization for Release of, I understand that my medical, and I would like to limit the, before finalizing. Neglecting to do it may generate a flawed and probably incorrect document!

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