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Keeping a close eye on one’s earnings is crucial for financial planning and management, which is why understanding how to view and print your paystub is essential for employees everywhere. With the modernization of workplace practices, accessing this information has become more straightforward, thanks to digital platforms. For members of the LAUSD, the process involves a few simple steps that begin with opening a recommended internet browser for secure access. Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9, along with Mozilla Firefox versions 7 and 8, are suggested to ensure a safe and reliable connection. Upon navigating to the LAUSD's home page, employees are required to log in using their LAUSD Single Sign-On credentials. This secure entry provides access to the Online Pay Stub feature available on the Overview Page, empowering users to not only view but also save or print their paystubs directly from their personal computers. The feature also allows employees to explore their paystub history, covering a span of up to three years, thus offering an insightful look into one's earnings over time. To assist those encountering difficulties in viewing or printing their paystubs, a dedicated help link and contact information for further assistance signal the LAUSD's commitment to ensuring that all employees can efficiently manage their payroll documents, enhancing the user experience.

Form NameView Paystub Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesview my pay stub online, paystub sfusd, sfusd edu payroll, view paystub

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How to View and Print Your Paystub

1. Open your internet browser

(for secure access, we recommend Internet

Explorer 8 and 9 or Mozilla Firefox 7 and 8)

internet browser or click on Employee

2. SelfTypeServiceselfs rviceon the.lausdInside.netLAUSDinto thehome page

3. Log in using your LAUSD Single Sign‐On and Password (e.g.,

4.On the Overview Page, click on Online

Pay Stub

Click on the Save Icon in the Pay Stub window if you want to save a pdf copy on your personal computer. For security purposes, you should only save a copy if you are using your personal computer.

selectClick onPrintthe Printer Icon in the Pay Stub window or right-click on your Pay Stub and

if you want to print a copy of

Clickyour paystub

Showto viewPay Stubs from other

periods any of your paystubs from the last 3 years

Remember to log off when you are finished

ClickWhattheif I have troublelink in theviewingtop right/printingcorner my paystub?


of the ESS Website. If you still need assistance, visit the Employee Service Center or call 213-241-6670.

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Using PDF forms online is always super easy with this PDF editor. You can fill in paystub view here effortlessly. Our expert team is constantly endeavoring to develop the tool and make it much faster for clients with its many functions. Bring your experience to a higher level with continuously improving and fantastic possibilities we offer! With just a couple of basic steps, it is possible to start your PDF editing:

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As for the blank fields of this particular PDF, here is what you should do:

1. Begin completing the paystub view with a number of necessary blank fields. Note all of the required information and ensure not a single thing forgotten!

Step # 1 in filling in how to view paystub online

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - select cidPrintcid if you want to, and of the ESS Website If you still with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

how to view paystub online conclusion process detailed (step 2)

Be very careful while filling out of the ESS Website If you still and select cidPrintcid if you want to, because this is where many people make errors.

Step 3: Prior to obtaining the next stage, make sure that all form fields are filled in as intended. The moment you believe it is all good, click on “Done." Try a free trial account with us and acquire immediate access to paystub view - download, email, or change from your personal account page. At, we endeavor to be sure that your information is stored private.