Wilderness First Aid Report Form PDF Details

Wilderness first aid is an important topic to consider for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. In the event of an emergency, it is critical to have accurate information about the incident. The Wilderness First Aid Report Form can help provide that information. This form can be used to document medical incidents in a wilderness setting, and it can help provide vital information for rescue teams and medical professionals. The form is easy to use, and it provides all the necessary details about the incident. It is an important tool for anyone who spends time in the outdoors.

Form NameWilderness First Aid Report Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namestrailer accident report form, wilderness form rescue, wilderness first aid boy scouts, first aid observation report form

Form Preview Example

Wilderness and Remote First Aid Report Form/Rescue Request

Report Form

Patient’s Name:

Evacuation Evaluation


Time of incident: _______ AM/PM


Mechanism of Injury (MOI) /Nature of illness: (circle all that apply)

Time Started:

Fall, Illness, Cold, Heat, Burn, Allergy, Bite, Sting, Other ________________

Primary (Initial) Assessment

Brief Description of Incident











Environment and Expose


Secondary (Focused) Assessment


Level of Responsiveness (LOR)


Chief Complaint


Signs and Symptoms






Pertinent Past Medical History


Last Intake/Output


Events Leading Up to the Incident



Vital Signs











Hands‐On Physical Exam (DOTS)







Breathing (Rate and






Quality) 1220






Pulse (Rate and






Quality) 50100






Skin (Color, Temp,






Moisture) PWD






Pupils (Equal, Round,






Reactive to Light)






CSM (Circulation,






Sensation, Motion)






Patient’s Address:










Completed by

Notify (Name and Phone Number)




Level of Training






Rescue Request

Exact Location (include map if possible)


First Aid Given

Quadrangle:__________ Section: __________



Area Description










Local Weather











On‐Site Plans





___ Stay





___ Evacuate to:





Stay overnight: Yes or No





Onsite equipment: (circle all that apply)



Tent, Stove, Food, Insulation, Flare, CB Radio, Other_________


Evacuation needed: Carryout, Helicopter, Lowering, Raising

Evacuation Plan

Equipment needed: Rigid Litter, Food, Water, Other __________






Party members remaining: Beginners, Intermediate, Experts



















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form rescue request conclusion process shown (part 1)

2. Given that the previous part is finished, you need to include the necessary details in Report Form Patients Name Age Date, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, LegsArms, Back, Completed by Level of Training, Ongoing, Ongoing, Ongoing, Initial, Vital Signs Time LOR AVPU, Rescue Request Exact Location, and First Aid Given so you're able to go to the next stage.

Ongoing, LegsArms, and Pelvis inside form rescue request

Those who work with this document generally make some mistakes while completing Ongoing in this part. Make sure you revise everything you enter right here.

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