Georgia Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Georgia Power of Attorney Form grants authority to another individual to take care of the principal’s minor child or children. The document is necessary when the parent(s) is unavailable to take care of their children due to personal or work-related issues such as an illness or military deployment.

As a rule, the minor’s parents in Georgia bestow these powers to a relative, most commonly grandparents. Therefore, the form is often recognized as the Grandparent Guardian of Minor POA in Georgia.

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The conditions for designating a responsible person are regulated by Title 19, Chapter 9, Sections 120-129 of the Georgia Code. To transfer the caregiving right, one should follow the requirements of the state.

  • Only an adult person can become the child’s representative.
  • The designated attorney-in-fact must be a resident of the state.
  • The individual must relate to the child by blood or family tie. Thus, a grandparent, a great-grandparent, an aunt, an uncle, stepparents, a cousin, a sibling, a great aunt, and a great uncle, a step-grandparent, and a former grandparent can become an agent.

Though the Georgia Minor POA is a temporarily granted authorization, the document itself doesn’t have an expiry date and can be revoked in writing. The paperwork:

  • grants access to educational and medical records
  • shares authority to ensure health care treatment of the child
  • empowers to provide food, recreation, travel issues, and lodging of a minor child

Besides the matters noted above, the attorney-in-fact acquires any additional rights and responsibilities defined by the parent.

Following Georgia statutes, the Minor POA must be signed by the parent and the chosen representative. The form also demands a notary public acknowledgment.

Suppose you wish to hold the caretaking rights and are not related to the child by family ties or are not the state’s resident. In such a case, following §29-2-5, you should file a Petition for Guardianship form in the Probate Court to obtain the settlement.

Georgia Minor Child Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Georgia Minor Child Power of Attorney Form
Other Name Georgia Temporary Guardianship Form
Relevant Laws Georgia Code, Sections 19-9-120 to 19-9-129
Duration Not specified
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 44
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out Georgia Minor POA

We encourage you to follow these guidelines to complete the fillable power of attorney form acknowledged by Georgia statutes.

Generate a Template

To generate a relevant template and reduce the effort you would otherwise require, feel free to use our form-building software.

Introduce the Minor

Submit the identity of the minor child, including their full name and date of birth.
Step 2 to filling out a georgia child power of attorney minor

Introduce the Child’s Parent(s)

Submit details of the Minor’s parent or court-appointed guardian. Insert the legal name and address, specifying the street, city, and state of residence.

If there is a second parent or a co-guardian, the petitioner should submit the required information similar to the paragraph above.
Step 3 to filling out a georgia child poa parents

Designate an Agent

Provide the identity of the preferred attorney-in-fact, submitting their legal name and relation to the minor under discussion. Please state the complete address as it is required in the form.
Step 4 to filling out a georgia child power of attorney form agent

Assign the Authorities to the Agent

Please choose between the two alternatives, acknowledging your decision by initials and a checkbox mark. Should you prefer the B-section, specify the powers that you grant to the agent, placing the instructions in the blank lines.
Step 5 to filling out a georgia child power of attorney template authorities

Define the Terms of the Designation

Here, you are given alternatives to define the terms when the Georgia Minor POA becomes operative and when the form is revoked (where applicable). Tick the preferred option and place your initials.
Step 6 to filling out a georgia child power of attorney designation terms

Authorize the Designation

This section is meant for the parent’s signature. Fill out the parent’s name and date of the act.
Step 7 to filling out a georgia child poa example designation

Prove the Agent’s Acknowledgement

Here, the designated attorney-in-fact should place their signature, print name, and the current date.

Provide the Witnesses’ Certification

Following the statutes and the Georgia Minor POA form, two witnesses must be present to prove the matter of powers transfer. Make sure to collect their legal names. Both witnesses need to read the paragraph attentively, place their signatures, and date the document if they consent to what is written in the template.

Notarize the Form

As notarization of this type of documentation is compulsory in Georgia, you must collenotary public’s certification public to verify the form legally and successfully.
Step 10 to filling out a georgia child power of attorney sample notarization

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Published: Jul 28, 2022