Ohio Real Estate Purchase Contract

If you are willing to purchase or sell real estate in Ohio, you must get acquainted with the local legal regulations and the Ohio Real Estate Purchase Agreement requirements. This type of printable purchase and sale agreement is required to affix mutual responsibilities of the property owner and the buyer once they decide to conduct a sales deal and transfer ownership rights for commercial or residential personal property.

There is a set of peculiarities to consider when making a real estate agreement in Ohio. In plain words, the seller should prove that they provide high-quality premises with all the necessary accommodations and infrastructure. The buyer, in turn, must ensure that the dwelling unit corresponds to their demands and local regulations. It is always a good practice to check on the housing history to ensure there is no hidden damage, pitfalls, or even fraud.

Once concluded, the agreement cannot be terminated just by the will of one party. Therefore, both the buyer and the seller must treat their obligations and responsibilities seriously. In this piece, we will tell you some more about the Ohio Real Estate Purchase covenant and its respective types applied in the state.

ohio real estate purchase agreement - residential form

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Ohio Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement

An Ohio Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement is a legal paper created to regulate the relations between two parties intending to transfer ownership rights over residential property. Usually, there is one real estate item per one agreement. Residential covenants do not deal with transferring ownership rights over several objects simultaneously, but commercial covenants do.

The seller must set forth the terms and conditions to a sales deal that they consider essential. Then, once the terms are all outlined in the real estate purchase agreement, the parties can begin a negotiation and adjust the agreement for their own needs. Sure, some terms cannot be negotiated and should remain untouched.

For instance, the agreement must, by all means, include details on the following matters:

  • The deal’s financing details
  • The payment amount and its due date
  • The terms and period of inspection
  • The physical condition of the subject premises
  • Requirements of ownership rights transfer
  • Disclosures required in the state
  • Personal and contact details of both parties
  • The legal description of the subject premises
  • Other details that parties consider essential

The document acquires legal force and becomes valid only after the parties append their signatures and the current calendar date, which later becomes the effective date of the covenant. We strongly recommend double-checking all the negotiated conditions and evaluation criteria to avoid further disputes.

Ohio Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement

The Ohio Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement is concluded when the parties have a mutual interest in transferring ownership rights over commercial property units. In the state of Ohio, it is acceptable to transfer ownership over several property units at once. As a rule, such deals are more complicated and require more durable preparations from both sides. The covenant helps coordinate the process and related issues that may occur.

The parties must negotiate the essential terms and possible withdrawal from the acquisition process beforehand. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to make amends after the agreement is signed. It is worth mentioning that commercial covenants operate with larger amounts compared to residential ones. Therefore, one should be very careful and considerate with calculations.

Typically, the parties include the following data in their commercial purchase and sale agreements in Ohio:

  • The legal description of the estate
  • Inspection period and terms
  • Deposit and payment matters
  • The seller’s and buyer’s disclosures
  • Assignability
  • Conveyance
  • Warranties, representations, and liabilities

One of the crucial elements of this agreement is the disclosure of related information about existing or potential damage to the property. You may find the complete list of disclosures required in the state in the following section.

Required Seller Disclosures in Ohio

As in most US states, the local government has established a set of disclosures required for a real estate sales transaction to gain legal force. Please note that some of the disclosures are to be used exclusively for residential property transactions, and some are only to be used for deals with commercial property.

1. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

This paper contains information about the usage of venomous paint in houses built before 1978. As lead paint can be threatening to human health, the seller must arrange proof of its absence.

2. Residential Property Disclosure Form (§ 5302.30)

The seller is obliged to feature the major aspects of their apartment’s condition in this statement to provide the buyer with information about all the fundamental categories and comments on the property. The buyer must be acquainted with this report before signing the pact. Notwithstanding, § 5302.30 lists the circumstances in which the disclosure is not required.

3. Agency Disclosure Statement (§ 4735.56)

This paper considers the information about legal and supervised inter-agency relations within Ohio.

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Published: Aug 21, 2022