Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

If two people want to get married, they need to collect specific documents. When these people are citizens of the country they live in, the marriage process is not that complicated. The situation is entirely different when two immigrants (or a citizen and an immigrant) want to register their relationship legally. In this case, they need to attach a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage in addition to the basic package of documents.

A Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage is a paper made to support married immigrants to get permanent residency in the USA. It is required when at least one partner is an immigrant.  This couple needs to find someone willing to give them a letter of recommendation for further delivery to the court.

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When to Write a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

Marriage is an important part of two people’s lives. It is even more important when two (or one) of these people are immigrants. For them, marriage is not only about proving their love to each other and the world. Rather, it is the opportunity to purchase a property, apply for VISA, rent an apartment, or guarantee permanent residency in the country they live.

If a couple of two immigrants or a couple with one immigrant partner want to get married, they meet many challenges on their way. One such challenge is proving to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that this marriage is about love and not about giving an immigrant the chance to receive permanent residency in the US and bypass immigration laws. Many couples use this opportunity, which is why USCIS checks on everyone wishing to register their relationship in the USA legally. People intending to get married need to prove they do it without selfish reasons, and attaching a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage is one way of doing so.

Usually, a person who knows the couple writes such a letter of recommendation for immigration. This writer can be this couple’s friend, family member, employer, or priest of the church the couple attends. The writer has to prove that the marriage is genuine and based on clear intentions and love, not a permanent residence. Of course, when such a couple gets married, the partners count on getting a permanent residence, but that is always a secondary reason.

As a person knowing this couple for some time and understanding their everyday life, the writer needs to prove it via this reference letter. It is a responsible thing to do, so a couple needs to choose the writer seriously.

Once a writer is chosen, it is possible to start writing a free character reference letter for court and deliver it to the court afterward.

What to Include in a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

As with every recommendation letter, a relationship support letter has to include some essential items. Ignoring them can lead to letter rejection and a reduced chance of getting the marriage approved. Thus, it would be best if you were careful in moments like this.

What exactly do you need to include in your Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage:

  • The names of the writer (the sender), the receiver of the letter, and the married couple.

The person providing the recommendation should type their full name, the full name of the receiver, and the full names of a married couple. It is essential to do this at the beginning of the letter so immigration judges know which case they are about to examine.

  • Contact data of a writer.

The writer has to type their full address (mentioning the zip code, city, and state), email, and phone number.

Right after this, it is obligatory to type the signing date.

  • The extent of the relationship between the writer and the married couple.

Immigration judges need to ensure the person providing the reference letter knows the married couple and has a close connection with them. A family member, the couple’s close friend, or their co-worker can be such a person.

  • Personal qualities of the married couple.

The writer needs to show that the married couple has all components to be considered as loving. Immigration judges have to believe this couple got married not because of the permanent residency but because they love each other and are committed to each other.

It is advisable to give as many details of the couple’s everyday life as possible and show that they are decent individuals with their hobbies, preferences, and dreams, including living in the USA as legal residents.

  • The signature and signing date.

Once the writer completes the reference letter, they should sign it and register the signing date. This is an official procedure for everyone completing official papers—even if they are written informally.

  • Proof of the writer’s identity.

A notary public agent needs to verify the writer’s identity so immigration judges know this is not an extraneous person for the married couple.

You can make these paragraphs as big as possible because there are no limitations for the number of words to use in a reference letter. The whole idea of this letter is to make it emotional enough, so immigration judges believe in the sincerity of feelings of a couple. Thus, the writer should write in their style without using boring template phrases. It is also advisable to type this letter instead of handwriting it for presentability purposes.

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage online now!

How to Write a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

There is nothing hard in writing a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage if you know the right structure of such relationship support letters. All these letters have the exact format in basis, and the writer should not violate it. Any violations end up in rejection of the letter, and that is not something you pursue.

So, here is the structure of a reference letter to strictly adhere to.


Always start your reference (or any other) letter with the heading in the top middle of the page. Write the phrase “Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage” in bold.

After this, type your full name (if you the writer of this letter), your contact data (including street address, city, zip code, and state), your phone number, email, the full name of the letter’s receiver, and their contact information (consisting of their city, zip code, state, and street address).

Once you do this, you can greet the judge by writing the phrase “To Whom It May Concern.”


In the introduction, the writer introduces themselves by registering their name, profession, relation to the couple, and the period during which they have known each other. No specific arguments in favor of this couple need to be included in the introduction, as they will be revealed further.

Main Body

In the Main Body, the writer gives a detailed description of the couple. Type for how long they’ve known each other, how long they’ve been married, and how long you’ve been their friend. Write whether they have any children or not. Furthermore, describe your opinion on their marital relationships and explain why you believe they would become decent residents of the USA.

Try to make this paragraph as long as possible because it is the only part where you can fully express your opinion on the couple’s marriage. Here you can also write about the positive personal qualities of both partners and your general attitude towards them.


The writer should express their final opinion on the couple convincingly to convince immigration judges to let them become legal US residents.

The writer can also register their contact information one more time, so the court knows how to contact them if needed.

At the end of the letter, the writer inserts such template phrases as “Sincerely,” “Best Wishes,” or “Signed.”

Following the structure of a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage is not a caprice but a necessity. Correct design and completing the letter properly significantly increases the chances of getting a positive response from the immigration judges. Thus, we advise all writers to take the process of writing a letter very seriously.

What to Do and What Not to Do

Knowing the structure is not everything you need to get a correct reference letter. It is just one of the essential steps to complete. You also need to know what to do and what not to do.

What do you need to do:

  • Write in your style, avoiding template phrases and tautology.
  • Write the letter in a way it does not look like an official form. At the same time, do not utilize slang and swear words in there.
  • Give details on the lifestyle of the married couple and their positive personal qualities.
  • Show your close connection with the married couple, meaning you at least know what their everyday life looks like.

What you do not need to do:

  • Do not write the reference letter by hand. It is advisable to have it typed to look more respectable.
  • Do not give any false facts. Immigration judges can easily check them, and if they discover the lie, they will reject your letter.
  • Do not ignore the necessity of the notarization of a letter.

As you can see, these rules are as simple as can be—all you need to do to keep them in mind while writing the letter. You can print them and put the paper on your desk, so you do not need to use the Internet all the time.

Sample Reference Letters for Immigration Marriage

We have created two samples of a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage that you can refer to when writing your reference letter. Use them as templates, and add the information referring to your exact situation.

One of the samples shows a situation when you need to write a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage for a married couple (Sample 1). The other one is for when you write a reference letter for a spouse (Sample 2). Choose the one meeting your interests and demands the most.

Letter Sample 1 (for a married couple)

Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

_____________ (insert your full name)

_____________ (insert your street address)

_____________ (insert your state, city, zip code)

_____________ (insert your phone number)

_____________ (insert your email)

_____________ (type the signing date)

_____________ (insert the receiver’s name)

_____________ (insert the receiver’s address)

_____________ (insert the receiver’s state, city, zip code)

_____________ (insert the subject line)

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is _____________ (type your name), and I was born on _____________ (insert your birth date) in _____________ (type state and city). I’ve known _____________ (insert the names of both partners) for 20 years now. We met the day they moved to our neighborhood, and from that moment, our families spend plenty of time together and have grown to be very close friends. My wife and I always socialize with them and celebrate various holidays together.

They’ve been married for 25 years now, and I’ve never seen such a loving couple like them. Their kids are just wonderful and have great achievements at school. The couple itself has successful careers, and they make a significant contribution to our local community.

I believe _____________ (type the names of both partners) will become perfect residents of the USA, and I strongly support them in their desire to secure permanent residency here. They are committed to each other and are strongly in love.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak on their behalf and feel honored they chose me to write this recommendation letter. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them whenever you need to. Contact me at _____________ (insert your phone number) or _____________ (insert your email).


_____________ (insert your signature)

_____________ (insert your printed name)

Letter Sample 2 (for a husband)

Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

_____________ (insert your full name)

_____________ (insert your street address)

_____________ (insert your state, city, zip code)

_____________ (insert your phone number)

_____________ (insert your email)

_____________ (type the signing date)

_____________ (insert the receiver’s name)

_____________ (insert the receiver’s address)

_____________ (insert the receiver’s state, city, zip code)

_____________ (insert the subject line)

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is _____________ (type your name). I was born on _____________ (insert your birth date) in _____________ (type state and city), and have been a US resident for more than 30 years now. I’ve known _____________ (insert your husband’s name) for 20 years from the day we first met at school. We have been married for more than ten years, and I couldn’t find a better husband than him.

He’s always there for me and always makes sure I feel okay. He cares about our sons, our business, and our home. In addition to this, he cares about orphans in a local orphan home, collecting food, clothes, and toys for them. He also volunteers for various celebrations in our city and offers his help whenever he feels someone needs it. All of his friends (and he has a lot of them) say he’s doing more for our community than any other resident.

And so do I. I believe _____________ (type your husband’s name) would become a decent resident of the USA as he has only clear intentions, and we love each other deeply. We are strongly committed to each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together. Receiving the permanent residency in _____________ (type state and city) would make this a lot easier.

I always support him, and especially now when he wants to secure residency. For more questions, you can contact me at _____________ (insert your email) or _____________ (insert your phone number). I will be glad to answer them and dispel your doubts if you have any.

Best Regards,

_____________ (insert your signature)

_____________ (insert your printed name)


Helping two loving people in their desire to become legal US residents is something you can be proud of. Knowing your recommendation helped these people to get advantages of such a status is even a better feeling. This is possible if you pay attention to what you include and write a reference letter for immigration marriage. If you follow the guidelines above, the process will be smooth. Try to make this letter just as you’d wish someone to do it for you. Remember that the couple’s future is in your hands, and it is in your power to make it better.

Published: May 24, 2022