Fraternity Recommendation Letter

When you are a student, you have many opportunities to express yourself, build useful social connections, join different organizations, and try new activities. Fraternities are organizations that usually exist within colleges and help students socialize and achieve certain set goals. They organize regular meetings and events to strengthen the ties between fraternity members. Thus, if you become a member of such an organization, you can find some new friends with a similar outlook and just have fun.

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However, if you want to become part of a fraternity, you need to know how to complete a “fraternity reference letter” or “fraternity letter of recommendation.” This document can play a significant part in accepting you into the fraternity because the current organization members need to be sure they can trust you. The fraternity letter of recommendation will give the members a certain opinion about you and, based on it, decide if you can join the fraternity.

This article will explain everything about the fraternity recommendation letter and teach you how to write one correctly and effortlessly. Even if you have already graduated from college, you may be interested to learn more about the letters of recommendation in our comprehensive guide –, because various fraternities exist even outside of college life.

Joining Fraternity Guidelines

There are some requirements to follow if you want to become a member of any fraternity. First of all, you should be a university or college student to join one of the local fraternities. The following guide clarifies what to do next:

  1. To find a suitable fraternity, study the list of all possible organizations, find out their values and ideas, and decide which one attracts you the most.
  2. Find out when the next fraternity recruitment period is planned and visit events during the so-called rush week.
  3. A recommendation letter should be written by a current or former member of the fraternity, so you need to receive feedback from one of them.
  4. Choose the fraternity week you would like to apply to.
  5. Send the fraternity application and if you have the fraternity recommendation letter, attach it to the application (not obligatory).
  6. When you receive the request from the fraternity, accept it.
  7. Finish the process of initiation as a new member of the fraternity.
  8. Don’t forget that new fraternity members must pledge certain dues to be accepted into the organization, so do all that is needed.

Who Should Write the Recommendation Letter?

This document must be composed and signed by an individual who is either a current or former member of the fraternity you intend to join. Ideally, this person should know you well because their task is to describe your best qualities and convince the fraternity and its members that you should become part of the organization. So it’s great if you already have close friends who can recommend you in the fraternity.

If you do not know anyone in the fraternity, you will have to find a suitable person to recommend you. You can find them during the rush week and other similar events. Please note that you will need to provide detailed information about your qualities, achievements, goals, and other information necessary for the fraternity members to convince them that you are an ideal candidate for their organization.

Fraternity Recommendation Letter Contents

Before asking your peers for the recommendation or writing the recommendation letter, you should probably learn more details about how the completed form must look and what it should include. We have prepared a practical step-by-step guide for everyone who needs to write the letter. However, in this section, we would like to introduce you to what you should include in your fraternity recommendation letter:

  • Name and address of the applicant who wants to obtain the fraternity recommendation letter.
  • Name, address, and signature of the former or current member of the fraternity recommending a potential member.
  • Fraternity name.
  • Explanation of the nature of the relationship between the individual making the recommendation and the person receiving it.
  • List of the reasons why the fraternity members should accept the newcomer into the organization.

Place the letter in an envelope and seal it before sending it to the fraternity for them to consider your application.

General Instructions for Completing  a Fraternity Recommendation Letter

In general, a letter of recommendation does not require a strict writing format and can be written in a fairly free but official style. It should consist of an introduction, two main paragraphs, and a conclusion. The size of the letter is usually about one page of text. The author should remember that the correct rhetoric of the recommendation letter can influence the decision-making of the brotherhood and give the candidate a noticeable advantage over the competitors.


This part of the recommendation letter should include general information such as the name of the author and the fraternity representative, highlighting your membership (current or former) in the organization, a formal salutation, and an introduction of the person you are recommending. You can follow the standard business letter format to make your document look more professional.

First Paragraph

In the first paragraph, you should list all the candidate’s best qualities and achievements, confirming that they are worthy of becoming a brotherhood member. For example, you can write about their best academic and extracurricular achievements, such as an experience of participating in charity events or volunteer organizations, list their sports achievements, and so on.

Second Paragraph

In this part, you should highlight the positive personal characteristics of the candidate, something that makes them attractive to others. The fraternity members usually live in one house and spend a lot of time together. That is why they should be sure that the potential candidate has a good personality and can have fun with other members.


In conclusion, the author should express their support for the candidate and initiate further contact with the fraternity. Then, after the formal sign-offs, the author should affix their signature and name.

Fraternity Recommendation Letter: Samples

To make the document completion process a bit easier for you, we provide two samples that you can use as a reference for designing your own recommendation letter. We hope that you will find these samples helpful and manage to complete the document without any difficulties.

 Sample 1

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Recommendation Letter





(Write your name and current address here)

_________________, 20__

(Write the current date here)



(Fill out the name of fraternity)




(Write the address of the organization)

Dear _____________________ (Write the name of the fraternity member),

I can’t think of anybody that I would recommend more as a new fraternal brother than _____________________ (Write the applicant’s name). Back in_______, ________ (name of the state and city here), __________ (Write the applicant’s name) and I were neighbors and went to the same high school. While visiting my home over the break, I ran into ______________ (applicant’s name) and he told me that he was transferring here to study ______________ (Name of the subject) and that he’d been thinking about joining our fraternity.

_____________ (applicant’s name) was always a popular guy during his school years. He was a star of the school basketball team and was always a top student in all of his classes. Although we have not met for a while, I believe that he is a perfect candidate for our fraternity. _______________ (applicant’s name) told me that he’s been playing point guard for the _______________ (name of the college here) basketball team and he’s still top of the class.

___________ (applicant’s name) is a fun guy to be around, and he clearly knows how to balance having a good time with having a clear focus on studying. His popularity at school and in sports makes him a very wanted company for his peers and shows him as a very hard-working person.

I do not doubt that our fraternity will be better off with _____________ (applicant’s name) as a member. Please let me know if you have any questions or need other specific information.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

_____________________ (Your signature)

_____________________ (Write your full name)

Sample 2

Alpha Fraternity Recommendation Letter





(Write your name and address here)

_________________, 20____

(Write the current date here)

________________________ (Write the name of the letter recipient here)

________________________ (Write the position of the recipient in the Fraternity here)

________________________ (The address of the recipient here)

Dear ________________ (Name of the recipient here),

I have been a member of our ___________________ (Name of the fraternity here) for the past ____________ (The number of years/months) while studying at ____________________ (The name of the University), and these ____________(Write the time period again) have been some of the best years of my life. I recently met ___________________ (Write the name of the applicant here), who transferred to our university this year and I feel that he would make a perfect addition to our fraternity.

My sister attends the same school that ____________ (Name of the applicant) went to and confirmed that ________________ (Name of the applicant) was one of the best students of his year. Besides, he has always been an extremely popular and outgoing individual. He also has a range of positive characteristics confirming his kindness and responsiveness. He organized projects to help poor people at his high school and participated in organizing charity events.

_______________ (Applicant’s name) has the right balance of a positive attitude and hard work. He has a great personality, and our fraternity needs more people like him. While interacting with him, ___________ (Applicant’s name here) told me of his interest in joining our fraternity. I think he would be great for us, and hence, I am writing this recommendation in hopes that you’ll consider him for our fraternity.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

________________________ (Write your signature here)

________________________ (Write your name here)

________________________ (Your phone number here)

Published: Jul 14, 2022