Interview Release Form

An Interview Release Form is a document utilized to acquire consent from an individual or people who would be interviewed for public use. The interviewee fills out the release of liability form with the goal that the interviewer and (or) the film organization officially conducts the interview, excluding the interviewer or any film organization from giving any remuneration. By signing the document, the interviewee gives consent to utilize their picture and image in their work process and projects, which may end up in the public domain.

Even though the document practically demands limitless consent to utilize pictures as an interviewer and (or) film organization, the document offers the signatory the right to determine any limitations that the person (or people) require for the recorded report. It is important to read the record cautiously before filling it out and signing it.

There is also such a form as an Oral History Release Form, but we are discussing the general form.

When to Use Interview Release Form

The Interview Release Form can help avoid claims for slander, breach of security, or even copyright encroachment (since the speaker’s words might be copyrightable). It is savvy to acquire a signed release if the interview meeting is long, will be reproduced verbatim (for instance, in a question and answer style), or if the topic of the interview is complicated.

It is normal for an interviewee to have some remarks eliminated or kept “in private” after reading the document. Any agreement that is made with the interviewee (for example, anonymity) should be reported. Failure to comply with the agreement may result in a claim for financial loss.

If the interviewee is eager to continue with the interview but doesn’t desire to sign a release, inquire whether the individual in question will make an oral assent on sound or tape. Despite not being as solid as a written release, an assertion, for example, “I agree to present my statements at Photography Journal,” will provide some confidence in your right to use this tenet.

The interviewee should consider all of the parts of the document before giving it over as authorization to film, photo, or give sound. Set aside an effort to consider what may not be agreeable to the interviewee concerning the appearance or the topic. If the interviewee has certain limitations, before the interview, put them down on the record.

Interview Release Form Details

Document Name Interview Release Form
Other Names Release for Interviews, Oral History Interview Release
Avg. Time to Fill Out 5 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 6
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Interview Release template in PDF.

Filling Out Interview Release Form

To avoid any mistakes while filling out the Interview Release Form, one can use our software template-building system to ensure the best results. The required steps are listed below:

  1. First of all, fill out the project’s name, current date, and interviewer’s full name. The project’s file name(s), the name(s) of the individual(s) interviewed, the physical address where the project takes place, cell number(s), as well as the date(s) of birth in the appropriate format are required.
    Step 1 to filling out an interview release form project info
  2. The questioner(s) ought to read the paragraph carefully, acknowledging the information.
  3. In case you agree with the given data, one should sign the document. Fill out the questioner’s full name and signature, dating them in an appropriate format. Do not forget to enter the researcher’s signature, dating it in an appropriate format; also, include the restriction description.
    Step 3 to filling out an interview release template signature

If more space is required, add a sheet, total it, sign and date it and append it to the report for the organization’s audit. The archive should be duplicated and given to all signatories for record-keeping purposes.

Published: May 27, 2022