Media Release Form

A media liability release form (also referred to as a media waiver form) is a document that authorizes an individual or entity to take different actions regarding particular media that contain images, voice, etc. of a certain person (most commonly photos and videos which is considered their personal intellectual property). Usually, such actions include production, reproduction, editing, printing, recording, etc.

The parties in the agreement are called the grantee or the release receiver (a person getting the consent to use media) and the grantor or the releasor (a person giving the consent).

A media release form is used to specify how a certain content may be used along with the period for its usage or specification of the event if the form is about to be used only for its duration. If there is no specification of the duration, the form will be in force for the lifetime of the releasor.

If this type of release of liability form concerns the use of media that involves a person under 18, a legal guardian is needed to represent their interests by signing the form.

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What Is Usually Covered by a Media Release Form?

The form is supposed to cover a certain content that an impacted party is featured in and grants a person getting consent forms the rights to take certain actions regarding this content. What might also be listed in a media release form is potential scenarios of content usage.

The authorizations that are commonly granted through a media release form include:

  • The right of the grantee to (re)produce, edit, print, share content which includes videos, digital images, photos, sounds, comments, etc. in any desirable way

A media release form also implies waiving certain rights by the grantor such as:

  • The right to be eligible for any compensation or royalties
  • The right to (dis)approve the eventual content

As well as that, media release forms might include:

  • Acknowledgment made by the grantor that other agreements will not be violated if the party participates in the media release form
  • Acknowledgment made by the grantor that they release any pertinent entity/individuals from responsibility and any claims

Media Release Form Details

Document Name Media Release Form
Other Names Social Media Release, Media Consent
Avg. Time to Fill Out 5 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 7
Available Formats Adobe PDF

What Are the Requirements for a Media Release Form?

Local state laws usually govern the use of media liability release forms, which is why you should refer to them as well as legal counsel before signing a liability waiver form. Some states might also require notarization for such types of documents.

One of the requirements for a media release form is that it should be signed by the grantor before or after taking pictures/videos or taking another action with their participation. It will depend on the state laws. A release is a one-sided agreement, which is why the grantee’s signature is not needed.

Apart from that, states don’t set any extra requirements for media release forms.

What Should a Media Release Form Include?

There is no statutory media release form in most of the states, but generally, the form will consist of the following information:

  • The name of the impacted individual (grantor)
  • The grantor’s address and contact number
  • The grantor’s signature
  • Names of the grantees who get rights to specified media
  • Age acknowledgment
  • Proof of identification and consent of a legal guardian, if the one should be involved

Due to the changing world, when you are attending any sort of event, you might also be required to sign a COVID-19 liability waiver form along with a media release form. This form is supposed to release the owners of the event of any responsibility and claims against them and their affiliates regarding the participant’s possible exposure to COVID-19. The procedure will be similar – you just need to write your personal information and put your signature on the document.

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Media Release form online now!

How to Fill out a Media Release Form?

Step 1 – Information about the grantor

The document should start with the name of the grantor who gives the rights to use their image, voice, etc. to the grantee. Then, the media liability release form should specify what exact rights are granted. It might be the use of the grantor’s image in videos, advertising materials, magazines, general publications on the website of the guarantee or their affiliates, social media, etc. All types of usage should be listed or checked by marks in checkboxes near the needed options if they are contained in the document.
Step 1 to filling out a media release form grantor info

Step 2 – Waiving certain rights

The next paragraph should tell that the grantor waives the right to inspect or approve the finished media as well as the right to the royalties that might arise from the use of such media.
Step 2 to filling out a media release template waiving rights

Step 3 – Age of the grantor

Next, the grantor should specify their age. If they are above the legal age meaning they are competent to contract in their own name and fully understand the essence and impact of the document, they should confirm that.

If the grantor is under legal age, the parent or another legal guardian should speak on their behalf. They should ensure that they understand the essence of the agreement and are consciously accepting the terms of the release on behalf of the child.

Step 4 – Signature

Further, the print name and address of the grantor should be put in the document along with their signature.

If the legal guardian is involved, their signature and date should be put.

If you need a release form, use the one offered on our website. You can choose from ODT, DOC, and PDF format – just pick the one that fits you and download it. Then, you can fill it out and use the customized media release form for your business purposes.
Step 4 to filling out a media release sample signature

Published: May 6, 2022