Media Release Form

There are laws that protect American citizens from media exploitation. That said, if you want to use media products created by another person, you have to complete a specific form. This document is called a media release form. Once you have signed the document, you can legally manage another person’s media creations the way you want.

Once an individual obtains consent to use the other person’s media property, they can take pictures, print, edit, reuse, and produce them, edit videos, and record the person’s voice. The deal’s terms and conditions must be stated in the media release form and signed by both parties of the agreement.

If the person whose media is to be used by another person is younger than 18 years old, their parents or other legal representatives have to authorize the release of liability form for them. Appending their signatures, the guardians confirm they allow other people to use their child’s photographs.

When to Use Media Release Form

One can use the media release form when they want to state the character of the media release relationship between them and another signatory of the deal. The parties have to register all details of the agreement in the media release form. The agreement termination date must also be mentioned in this form. Otherwise, it will hold a legitimate character as long as the media release agreement is extended.

Here are some situations when you can use the media release form (which is sometimes called a media consent form):

  • When students’ parents allow the college to use their children’s photos, videos, images, and records of voices.
  • When people allow mass media to use their videos, photographs, and images.
  • When students allow institutions of learning to use their photos necessary for passing exams.

General Steps: How to Use a Media Release Form

To complete a media release form, both parties of the agreement have to follow regulations stated by the specific American state’s laws. After completing the media release form, both signatories of the media release agreement must ensure their actions proceed lawfully.

You need to accomplish these actions to meet the requirements:

Deliver Papers of the Media Release Agreement to Both Parties

Make sure both parties of the media release agreement have papers on their hands. Each of them must have one copy of the agreement signed by both individuals.

Make Sure Both Parties Return Signed Copies

This step is but still necessary to complete. Unless done, no further action can take place.

Take Photographs

Finally, take photos of the person (for example, a student) and register them in your base. Make sure that you have the person’s consent to take pictures of them.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Media Release template in PDF.

Filling Out a Media Release Form

There are several easy steps to complete the media release form. Use our software to create and download the form template.

  • Give Your Personal Information

Write your name in the form. Also, specify what data can be used in brochures, newsletters, emails, videos, magazines, and other sources if you’re the person permitting the use of their media content.

  • Establish Your Status

Confirm that you’re at least 20 years old and can make decisions on your own. Otherwise, state that you’re a parent of the person whose personal media information is about to be used.

  • Leave Your Signature

In this section, you or your legal representative must append a signature, print the name and address. Also, write down the current calendar day of the media release form completion.

Published: Jan 18, 2021