Daycare Photo Release Form

If you are a photographer or work with children in the United States, you should be aware of the paper called a “daycare photo release form” that permits legal photographing of kids. It is a photo release form signed by parents or guardians, giving consent to take photos and use them for advertising purposes.

When signing this release of liability form, parents and guardians should know that they will not get any payments for their kids’ participation in photographers’ shootings. Usually, this document is required when marketing specialists or managers of a particular daycare create a campaign promoting the business.

daycare photo release form

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Create a personalized Daycare Photo Release Form online now!

Typically, the daycare photo release form (or permission to photograph form for daycare) contains only one page. However, it has to contain these details:

  • Names of the child (or children) and parents (or guardians)
  • The name of the daycare
  • Signature of the parent or guardian and the date of signing.

When to Use Daycare Photo Release

You should ask for this form if you intend to take photos of children who attend a daycare where you work or are invited to create content.

Imagine that you are the marketer of a daycare, and the campaign you have thought about contains photos of the happy kids who enjoy going to the daycare every day. If you try taking pictures without the consent of children’s parents (or guardians), you may face legal problems.

Every person has his or her rights to security and privacy. Children are not an exception, and their parents might be against the kids being models.

Daycare Photo Release Form Details

Document Name Daycare Photo Release Form
Other Names Child Care Photo Release, Permission to Photograph for Daycare
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 19
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Daycare Photo Release Form Use: General Steps

Pass the Papers to the Kids or Parents

When you have the form template ready, the first thing you should do as a daycare representative is to pass the form to the parents (or guardians). You may ask the kids to do that or plan a parents’ meeting to issue the form to every visitor.

You should be ready to get some parents’ or guardians’ refusal when you ask them to sign the form. It is essential to define who does not mind taking pictures and who is against it.

Receive the Signed Forms Back and Archive them

When parents (or guardians) have signed the daycare photo release forms, get all the documents and archive them in the children’s records.

Take Pictures Attentively

Every time you want to take photos of the kids that attend the daycare, remember to double-check who participates in the shooting.

Template Preview
Create a personalized Daycare Photo Release Form online now!

Filling Out a Daycare Photo Release Form

1. Download the Template

When you create a document in the US, you have to download the correct template. To get the template of a daycare photo release form quickly, use our form-building software.

2. Write the Parent’s (or Guardian’s) Name

The form begins with naming the parent or guardian who is giving consent. Add his or her name in the blank line.
Step 2 to filling out a daycare photo release form parents name

3. Name the Daycare

Write the name of the daycare which you represent and the child (or children) is attending.
Step 3 to filling out a daycare photo release template daycare

4. Name the Child (or Children)

In the suitable line, write the name of the child or children whom you may photograph after receiving the signed paper.
Step 4 to filling out a daycare photo release sample child

5. Ask the Parent or Guardian to Sign the Form

Once you have added all the details, the parent or guardian should sign the daycare photo release form. The signatory has to write the date of signing and define the relationship with the kid(s), specifying whether he or she is a parent or a guardian.
Step 5 to filling out a daycare photo release example signature

Published: Apr 9, 2022