Michigan Affidavit Forms

Michigan affidavit forms are helpful when a person wants to make a statement of facts voluntarily and under oath. These statements may be related to anything, including a name or marital status change, verifying the identity theft, or confirming the residential address. They provide evidence in civil court cases or the probate of an estate.

Michigan Official Affidavit Forms

Michigan affidavit forms include affidavits of professional service, of descent, and of death. If you are looking for state-specific affidavit templates, you may use Form L-4260 or Property Transfer Affidavit provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury. It’s required to submit the form within 45 days of the transfer.

Michigan Property Transfer Affidavit is used to report real property ownership transfer. This form is typically used by individuals who have recently transferred property ownership, such as through sale or inheritance. The form requires detailed information about the property being transferred, including the address, the date of transfer, and the names of the new and previous owners

Published: Apr 7, 2023