Arizona Firearm Bill of Sale Form

When buying and selling a gun, you should ensure proper paperwork. Arizona firearm bill of sale may be a document that you will need to prepare if you want to conduct such a transaction in the state. Laws in different US states vary drastically. Find out how you can transfer ownership of firearms in Arizona and whether the buyer must register such a purchase using a bill of sale template or a different document. In case you want to know whether a bill of sale is used for other transactions, read the guide we prepared for you.

Arizona bill of sale templates – find out more about bills of sale for other things in Arizona.


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Create a free Arizona Firearm Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

What Laws Regulate Possession, Use, etc. of Firearms in Arizona?

There is a set of state laws and federal laws regulating the possession, use, etc. of firearms in Arizona. Arizona is one of those states that have very simple procedures of purchasing, selling, and possessing a firearm.

How to Register a Firearm in Arizona?

There are no requirements to register a firearm in this state. Also, it is legal to carry a firearm openly by a person of at least 18 years old unless one is in prohibited places or one is a prohibited possessor. Concealed carry is allowed from 21 years old without any permit.

However, there is a “shall-issue” policy.  The department of public safety shall issue a permit according to ARS 13-3112, R13-9-101 through R13-9-603. Such a permit can be issued for persons qualified for concealed carry of a firearm. The possessor shall keep such a permit anytime one carries a firearm.

Should You Have a Bill of Sale to Buy or Sell a Gun in Arizona?

You do not need to have an Arizona firearm bill of sale to sell or buy a gun. Such a transaction may be conducted only by people who are not prohibited possessors. However, a bill of sale allows proving the transfer of ownership. Therefore, it is a recommended document to have. If you sell or buy a firearm, ask for an ID from the other party. The seller is also recommended to check whether the buyer has a permit to carry a gun, though it is optional.

Where Can You Find a Bill of Sale?

If you wish to use a firearm bill of sale template, you can find a free template on our site. It is available in various printable formats, such as PDF or Word.  Fill out the form and make sure that both parties add their signatures to the document.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020