Arkansas Trailer Bill of Sale Form

Ownership transfer of trailers requires some paperwork. An Arkansas trailer bill of sale may be one of the essential documents used not only to prove ownership but also for the registration of the vehicle as required by state law. Find out in which cases the bill of sale is essential. And remember about the specifics of the document (what an “as-is” condition is, how to use a trade-in option, etc.). Our comprehensive guide will help you with that –

Arkansas bill of sale forms – this particular section will allow you to read additional information on other bills of sale you can use in Arkansas.

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Do You Have to Register Your Trailer in Arkansas?

Yes, you are required to register a trailer. This procedure can be done within 30 days after the purchase. Transfers of ownership, registration, licensing, and other actions with a trailer are regulated by Arkansas Code.

There are two options to register your vehicle that you can use in Arkansas:

  • By mail
  • In person

Please note that online registration is available only for motorized vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. After the registration of your vehicle, you will need to obtain a license and pay taxes for it. You will not have to title your trailer because it is required only for motorized vehicles. In case of selling your trailer, it is recommended to notify the Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) about such a transaction.

Do You Need to Use a Bill of Sale?

An Arkansas trailer bill of sale plays an important role in transferring ownership of a used trailer in the state. This way, both the seller and the buyer obtain essential guarantees. To register your trailer, you will need to prove that you are its new owner.

In this case, different documents can be used, such as:

All in all, you must provide enough documents proving that you are the current owner of the trailer and what this vehicle is. In case you are buying a trailer from another individual, you can use the bill of sale form that has been designed specifically for the state. It is available in PDF printable format. You can quickly fill out this free template by clicking on the field you need and entering the required information. The document must be signed by the two parties of the transaction. Each of the parties is supposed to keep a copy of this document. The buyer will then use it to register the trailer and undergo other procedures required to operate the vehicle on US roads.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020