Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale Form

You may need to have a properly written and signed Louisiana boat bill of sale if you wish to sell or purchase a vessel in this state. There is no single law regulating such deals as the registration of vessels in all the US states. Therefore, you need to learn the peculiarities of the local legislation. In this article, you will find lots of helpful information on this topic; so, keep reading it. Or, if you need to refresh your memory on the basics of a bill of sale, here is what you need to read first.

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Is a Boat Bill of Sale Obligatory in Louisiana?

A bill of sale is a simple document that works as proof of transferring property ownership. It includes a few important fields, such as the buyer’s and seller’s names, a description of a boat or a different watercraft, and the amount that has been paid. A free vessel bill of sale template is very similar to a receipt. It is possible to add some more details; however, if you wish to add all the terms regulating the deal, you will need a contract. In the case of selling your vessel, you need to have this document as proof that you are no longer liable for it.

If you purchase a boat in Louisiana, you must register it at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LWF). Louisiana boat bill of sale, in this case, can be used as a document proving your ownership.

A boat bill of sale is required if you buy a vessel from a person who previously registered or titled it in the state. If it is a new boat from the dealer, then you can use a copy of the dealer invoice as proof of ownership. Generally, the list of documents depends on your individual situation.

How Can You Register a Boat in Louisiana?

If you purchase a motorized boat, you will be required to fill out this registration application. If it is non-motorized vessels, then you will be filling out a houseboat registration application along with an affidavit of ownership

If you need a bill of sale, you can download it on wlf.louisiana.gov. It is a free printable template of the document available in PDF format. You can fill out the required fields of the form using your PC or by hand. The document must be signed by both parties and notarized.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020