Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale Form

The deal of selling or buying a boat must be properly conducted to be legal. Mississippi boat bill of sale may be one of the documents proving ownership transfer. Find out whether the bill of sale form can be used to finalize the deal and register the boat. More details about bills of sale in general are provided in our bill of sale guide.

Mississippi bill of sale forms – this particular page will let you read additional information on other bills of sale useful in Mississippi.

Is Registration Required to Use a Boat in Mississippi?

Before learning the vessel registration requirements, read our guide to successful transactions involving boats.

Motorized boats must be registered in Mississippi. It can be done by sending necessary documents along with a registration application to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) Headquarters.

You can also get the registration form at the following locations:

  • MDWFP Regional Office
  • Local tax collector’s office
  • MDWFP Headquarters in Jackson

A free template of the form may also be obtained in places where boats are sold. If you are selling your boat, you must inform MDWFP Headquarters about the deal.

Do You Need to Have a Bill of Sale for Registration?

There is a set of documents that you will have to provide for the registration of your boat, and they depend on several factors. In particular, a Mississippi boat bill of sale is required in the following situations:

  • If you purchase a boat from a person who previously registered or titled it in Mississippi
  • If you buy a boat from a person who previously registered or titled it in another state

In both cases, the document must be witnessed by at least two people who will add their signatures to the document or a notarized copy. The other documents that you will need to provide in these cases include:

  • Proof of previous registration
  • The original boat and motor title(s) if the vessel was titled in the previous owner’s name in the Mississippi
  • The copy of the boat title if the vessel was titled in the previous owner’s name in another state

Where Can You Get a Bill of Sale?

There is no template of this document that you can find on the official website of MDWFP, but it can be easily found on the Internet. Usually, such a document is available in a printable PDF format. You should be able to fill out all the necessary fields and then print the bill of sale. Remember that it must contain the signatures of both parties.

Download a Free Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale Form

Template Preview
Download your fillable Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale template in PDF format
Published: Dec 3, 2020