Missouri Boat Bill of Sale Form

Do you need a Missouri boat bill of sale when selling or buying a vessel in this state? Proper documents may be required for further registration of the watercraft. Find out about the regulations applied to this matter in Missouri. Our full guide to using bills of sale might also be of help.

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Do You Need to Register Your Boat in the State of Missouri?

If you are considering a purchase of a boat and want to know the specifics of transactions involving a vessel, click for more details.

A vessel or outboard motor must be registered within 60 days from the date of purchase. If you do not register your vessel or motor on time, you will have to pay a title penalty of $10. Every 30 days, the penalty will increase by $10. A maximum penalty is $30. You do not have to register your boat in Missouri if it will not be used in the state for more than 60 days. You can obtain a temporary permit to use the vessel in Missouri for up to 60 days (30 days if it is not a documented vessel).

The necessary documents for registration must be submitted to the Missouri license office. You will also need to pay a registration fee. Once the boat is registered or titled, you will get the following documents:

  • “MO” number (registration number assigned to a vessel)
  • Pocket card (certificate of number issued to a vessel)
  • Decals (work the same as the tab on a license plate)

Does the Buyer Have to Provide a Boat Bill of Sale for Registration in Missouri?

A free bill of sale template in on the list of the required documents proving ownership along with the following:

  • The MSO
  • Missouri Certificate of Title

If you do not have one of these documents, you need to contact a license office for further information. Also, you will need to provide Form 93 (application for registration and title) and a Notarized lien release if required. Please note that Form 93 must be certified by a licensed boat dealer operating in Missouri.

Is It Possible to Find a Template of a Bill of Sale on the Internet?

You can find a template of this document on the Internet. However, the recommended option is to download a free form from the website of the Missouri Department of Revenue. It comes in PDF format and includes all the necessary fields. It is a printable version of the document that you can fill out using your computer. The document must be signed by both parties of the deal and notarized.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020