Missouri Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Before selling or purchasing a firearm in the State of Missouri, consider using proper documents. A Missouri firearm bill of sale may be an essential form for ownership transfer in this state. Find out why it is important, whether you need to register a firearm, and other information on safe and legal transactions (click here for more details regarding bills of sale).


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How the Use, Sale, Possession, and Other Actions with Firearms Are Regulated in Missouri?

All actions with firearms are regulated by state gun law and federal gun laws. It is not required to register a firearm. However, the firearm possessor is required to have a concealed carry permit to be able to carry it legally.

Such a permit can be issued only for qualified persons. Applying for a concealed carry firearm permit is conducted by appointment only, which can arrange with the Sheriff’s Office. The first time application fee is $100.

How to Buy a Firearm in Missouri?

You can purchase a firearm from a licensed gun dealer based in Missouri. In this case, you must not be a prohibited person and must be of legal age as determined by Federal gun law.

Another requirement by federal law is to pass the background check in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It is done to make sure that you are eligible for purchasing a gun. No concealed carry permit is required to buy a firearm because you can possess a gun without it.

Purchasing a gun from an individual requires neither a background check nor a permit. It is recommended to use a Missouri firearm bill of sale. Both parties must reside in the same state. Download a free printable template of a bill of sale on our site and take it to the meeting with the seller. If it comes in PDF or Word formats, you can fill out the form before the meeting if you know the essential information (read the guide to know how to fill out a firearm bill of sale). Remember to ask the seller for the ID. The bill of sale should be signed by both parties.

How to Sell a Firearm in Missouri?

You must have a license to sell guns in Missouri regularly. If it is a one-time transaction, no special documentation is required. A bill of sale will work as proof that ownership transfer happened and that you are not the possessor of the firearm any longer. It is illegal to sell a gun to those who may use it for committing a crime.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020