South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Form

Before selling or buying a boat in South Carolina, you should be aware of what comes next. You may need to have a South Carolina boat bill of sale signed by both parties. As a seller, you may be obligated to report the purchase to the department regulating the registration of vessels. As a buyer, you may have to register it by providing a bill of sale example and other necessary documents. Each US state has its own rules for this procedure, and if you wish to find out what they are in South Carolina, keep reading this article.

South Carolina bill of sale templates – discover more bill of sale forms for South Carolina along with instructions.

Before using any bill of sale, make sure that you know the specifics of this form.


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How to Register Your Boat in South Carolina?

The proper transaction preceeds the vessel registration process and has some specifics you should be aware of. Click here to make sure you know everything about transactions related to boats.

According to South Carolina law, a vessel must be titled and registered in the following cases:

  • Motorized watercraft
  • Sailboats
  • All outboard motors that have 5 horsepower or greater

You do not have to register a motorized watercraft if it is:

  • Documented vessel
  • Windsurfer
  • Paddleboard
  • Watercraft propelled only by a human using paddles or similar devices

The main document that you will need to provide is a titling and registration application.

You may need to provide a South Carolina boat bill of sale and some other documents depending on your situation.

The registration is conducted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). You can bring the documents to one of the SCDNR regional offices.

Do You Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register Your Boat in This State?

You will have to provide a filled-out bill of sale form in the following cases:

  • You purchase a boat from the owner in South Carolina with missing titles
  • You purchase your boat in a different titling state
  • You purchase a boat from a different non-titling state
  • You purchase a previously documented vessel
  • You purchase a vessel from an Estate or by Inheritance

Please read information about all the required documents depending on your situation.

Where Can You Get a Bill of Sale Template?

On the website of SCDNR, you will not find any separate bill of sale form. There is no need to search for a free template of the document on the Internet. It has been included in the application for registration and titling. The bill of sale’s fields start with section H. The document is available in a printable PDF format. You can enter the required information using your PC by simply navigating from one field to another.

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Published: Dec 4, 2020