Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale Form

You may need to have a properly written and signed Louisiana boat bill of sale if you wish to sell or purchase a vessel in this state. There is no single law regulating such deals as the registration of vessels in all the US states. Therefore, you need to learn the peculiarities of the local legislation. In this article, you will find lots of helpful information on this topic; so, keep reading it. Or, if you need to refresh your memory on the basics of a bill of sale, here is what you need to read first.

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Is a Boat Bill of Sale Obligatory in Louisiana?

A bill of sale is a simple document that works as proof of transferring property ownership. It includes a few important fields, such as the buyer’s and seller’s names, a description of a boat or a different watercraft, and the amount that has been paid. A free vessel bill of sale template is very similar to a receipt. It is possible to add some more details; however, if you wish to add all the terms regulating the deal, you will need a contract. In the case of selling your vessel, you need to have this document as proof that you are no longer liable for it.

If you purchase a boat in Louisiana, you must register it at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LWF). Louisiana boat bill of sale, in this case, can be used as a document proving your ownership.

A boat bill of sale is required if you buy a vessel from a person who previously registered or titled it in the state. If it is a new boat from the dealer, then you can use a copy of the dealer invoice as proof of ownership. Generally, the list of documents depends on your individual situation.

How Can You Register a Boat in Louisiana?

If you purchase a motorized boat, you will be required to fill out this registration application. If it is non-motorized vessels, then you will be filling out a houseboat registration application along with an affidavit of ownership

If you need a bill of sale, you can download it on wlf.louisiana.gov. It is a free printable template of the document available in PDF format. You can fill out the required fields of the form using your PC or by hand. The document must be signed by both parties and notarized.

Kansas Boat Bill of Sale Registration Details

Motorized Boat Length Registration Fees Motorized Boat Length Registration Fees
14’ or less $32 27’ 1”–28’ 0” $62
14’ 1”–17’ 11” $37 28’ 1”–29’ 0” $64
18’ $42 29’ 1”–30’ 0” $66
18’ 1”–19’ 0” $44 30’ 1”–31’ 0” $68
19’ 1”–20’ 0” $46 31’ 1”–32’ 0” $70
20’ 1”–21’ 0” $48 32’ 1”–33’ 0” $72
21’ 1”–22’ 0” $50 33’ 1”–34’ 0” $74
22’ 1”–23’ 0” $52 34’ 1”–35’ 0” $76
23’ 1”–24’ 0” $54 35’ 1”–36’ 0” $78
24’ 1”–25’ 0” $56 36’ 1”–37’ 0” $80
25’ 1”–26’ 0” $58 37’ 1”–38’ 0” $82
26’ 1”–27’ 0” $60 For each foot greater than 38’ Additionally $2 per foot
Source: Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Download a Free Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale Form

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Create a free high quality Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale online now!

How to write a Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale?

Below, you may find the directions written by drawing upon the Louisiana boat bill of sale form created by our professionals. Nevertheless, if there’s a form provided by your local authorities, it is always recommended to choose it in the transaction.

Step 1: Indicate the boat bill of sale creation date.
Step 1 to filling out a louisiana boat bill of sale date

Step 2: Provide the purchaser’s and seller’s particulars:

  • Full name
  • Address: Street, City of residence, State of residence, Postal code
  • Contact details: Contact number, Email address
    Step 2 to filling out a louisiana boat bill of sale form particulars

Step 3: Identify the watercraft being sold:

  • Make
  • Title number
  • Year
  • Color
  • Hull Identification Number
  • Odometer record (in hours)
  • Boat value (in dollars)

If the boat comes with a trailer, make sure to include the following specifics:

  • Trailer make
  • License plate number
  • Color
  • VIN
  • Year
  • Value

For any motor that goes together with the boat, please indicate:

  • Make
  • Horsepower
  • Serial number
  • Value
    Step 3 to filling out a louisiana boat bill of sale template description

Step 4: Enter the payment method and total price.

Enter the purchase date and write the total sum that must be paid for the boat. After that, decide on one selling method:

  1. Giving the entire amount as a one payment. This one is really straightforward: within the same day, the buyer gets the boat delivered to them and pays off the entire sum.
  2. Considering a boat as a gift. You should choose an option “As a gift with no consideration paid”
  3. A number of payments. With this method, you have to specify the dates when the buyer has to provide the initial and the final payments, as well as their amounts.

Following that, select one transaction method:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money order

The last thing to do in this particular section is to choose if all applicable taxes are included in the price.
Step 4 to filling out a louisiana boat bill of sale sample way of payment

Step 5: Look at miscellaneous terms.

The “as-is” provision states that the watercraft owner provides no warranty and is not responsible for maintenance after the transfer.
Step 5 to filling out a louisiana boat bill of sale template standard terms

Step 6: Now, the document has to be signed.

For most states, the signature of the buyer isn’t needed. But, it’s advised to have the document signed by all sides. As an insurance policy, the parties can choose someone who can witness the transaction and sign the boat bill of sale too.
Step 6 to filling out a louisiana boat blank bill of sale signature

Step 7: Use the help of a notary public

Despite the fact that notarization is almost never mandatory, it functions as one more way to shield against legal troubles.

In many states, a bill of sale could be required during title transfer, so the buyer needs to keep the original. As a seller, you may either get a copy and store it or have two identical documents signed and completed by both sides.
Step 7 to filling out a louisiana boat bill of sale example notarization

Published: Jul 12, 2022