A Letter of Intent for an Internship

A letter of intent for an internship is a letter that is sent by an internship applicant to show how they and the organization might mutually benefit if they are selected for the internship.

Internship opportunities are typically best for students who seek to get more knowledge in their field of study. They are often required to send a letter of intent for an internship when responding to internship openings. The primary goal of the letter is to show a prospective intern’s interest in the position and how they think they can benefit the company.

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Create a Personalized Letter of Intent for an Internship online in under 5 minutes!

Several Tips on Writing a Good Letter of Intent for Internship

A letter of intent for an internship is your chance to get a job at a place that might bring you valuable skills for your future career development. This is why you should take it seriously and make sure you do everything you can to make the best impression on the internship coordinator.

Here are several tips on how to make an incredible letter of intent.

  1. Try to use proper format and layout for your LOI. This can be achieved by using a letter of intent template found on the internet, in particular on our website.
  2. Do some research on the company you are about to apply to. Read about their internship program as well as the mission and goals of the company itself.
  3. Think about three ways in which you fit the internship.
  4. Try to make the first paragraph of your letter catchy and enticing to read further.
  5. Explain why you want to become an intern at the company. Try to be brief (it is not recommended to make a letter longer than one page) but expressive.
  6. Finish the letter with the call to action – ask the coordinator to reach out to you through email or your phone number.
  7. Make sure to add a professional closing to your letter.
  8. Ask somebody to proofread your letter if you want to make sure that you produce a good impression with it.

How to Fill Out a Letter of Intent for Internship

Step 1 – Information about the applicant and the effective date

In the top left corner, include your name, address, and contact information. Then, write down the effective date of the letter.

Step 2 – Information about the recipient

Specify who is in charge of the internship process at the company of your interest. You can get this information on the website of the company, or if this information is unavailable, the letter might be targeted at a generic “internship coordinator.”

Step 3 – Opening

The opening paragraph of the letter of intent should tell about the purpose of writing. It is critical to explain how the internship position might help you achieve your long-term career goals and how you can align with the company’s mission and goals.

It is also the best place to express your enthusiasm for the internship position. Show that you have what the company expects from applicants – your relevant academic and work accomplishments and personal traits.

Step 4 – Main body

In the next section, you should elaborate on your background – both working and educational. Tell what degree or degrees as well as any relevant training you have. The absence of working experience is okay for an internship applicant, which is why if you don’t have a vast work experience, you should describe your unique qualifications and skills that make you a good fit for the company. You might have gained them when doing volunteer work or taking part in any research projects. The main goal here is to show how the field of study drives you and how the internship will help you develop your knowledge.

Step 5 – Closing

In the last paragraph of your letter, say once again why you seek to take part in the internship and how you might become an asset for the company. Make sure to thank the internship coordinator for taking their time to consider your letter. Write that you are looking forward to getting the response and can be reached at regular working hours.

End the letter with professional closing such as «sincerely» or «best regards».

Sample Letter of Intent for Internship

From: Terry Banks
9125 Del Monte Rd.
Pasadena, TX 77506

April 4, 2021

To: Morgan Rory
Head of the North Texas Veterinary Clinic
Volunteering Program
808 Pilgrim Street
Dallas, TX 75208

Dear Dr. Rory,

With this letter, I am submitting my interest in the Fall Internship Program that was advertised at the Career Centre at The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. I have heard about your veterinary work and the great reputation of your clinic. As a current veterinary medicine student, I would be excited to learn from distinguished experts in the field your clinic is famous for.

I am currently getting my Master’s degree, hoping to become a veterinarian. The anticipated graduation is happening in August 2021, and I would gladly benefit from the internship at your clinic.

Since early childhood, I developed a love for animals when I helped my dad take care of sheep and horses at our farm. As a result, my passion for animals made me start pursuing a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree.

I would be glad to meet you personally to discuss the internship program and its opportunities. I have enclosed recommendation letters from two professors along with my resume. I look forward to getting a call to schedule a meeting with you. Thank you for your time.


Terry Banks

Published: Jun 28, 2022