Letter of Intent for Scholarship

A letter of intent (LOI) for a scholarship is a letter that might be one of the requirements for getting a scholarship at a college or university. For students who are interested in getting a scholarship, a letter of intent is a great way to express their strong interest in the chosen field and being worth getting the requested financial aid.

The main information that should be conveyed through the free fillable school letter of intent is a student’s educational and career aspirations and spheres of interest at the college or university. The letter should show that a student has the potential to excel in their field of study and deserves to get the investment from an awarding body.


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How to Write a Letter of Intent for Scholarship Properly

A LOI for a scholarship should be taken seriously as commonly, an awarding body sets a list of requirements for a successful letter of intent. It might be requirements to the length, content, formatting, etc. However, if there are no strict rules provided by a scholarship body, general rules on writing business letters have to be followed. Regardless of format and length, there are certain details that every letter of intent template should contain.

  • Study plan

If you apply for a scholarship, you should use a letter of intent to talk about the field of study that interests you and how it correlates with the career that you pursue after studies.

For instance, you might say that you have always been interested in software engineering and you want to get in-depth knowledge at the college. After graduation, you plan to continue education at a graduate-level program in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. You are interested in the research of industrial robots that could simplify human labor on heavy industry factories.

Your goal is to clearly demonstrate what you wish to do at college or university and how the degree will help you with your future career.

Along with that, it would be beneficial to include the names of certain faculty members who could be your mentors. It would show that you have done preliminary research and are specific in your studying plans.

  • Background, skills, and personal traits

What also interests the scholarship board is your previous degrees and academic achievements. It would be great to include any field-related work experience and any training or courses you have taken along with relevant skills and qualities you possess. Everything should talk about your dedication to your field of interest.

  • Future long-term and short-term goals

To make your letter of intent look more purposeful, add your long-term and short-term goals. For instance, a short term goal might be obtaining a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics while your long term goal can be becoming a Machine Learning Research Scientist at a huge engineering and robotics design company.

How to Fill Out a Letter of Intent for a Scholarship

Step 1 – Information about the applicant and recipient

In the top left corner of the letter, write down your name, address, and beneath it, the effective date of the LOI. Further, write “admission committee” and the name of the college or university along with its address.

Step 2 – Opening

Start with a “dear committee” or “respected Mr./Mrs.” and then state your name and that the purpose of this letter is to apply for a scholarship to study at the chosen program. Say how it would augment your previous degree and bring you closer to the career you are pursuing.

Step 3 – Main body

In the first paragraph of the main body, speak about your passion for the field. Explain how you decided to pursue your previous degree and what knowledge you got throughout your studies. You can also add any extracurricular activity that is related to the field you want to delve into. Include the top academic achievements you have.

In the next paragraph, elaborate on your previous work experience if any. State what you had to do at work and how it helped you advance your knowledge and get valuable insights into the industry. You can also talk about the benefits you have brought to the company, especially if they are measurable.

Further, describe your short and long-term goals. Say what degree you want to achieve and what career prospects you set for yourself.

Step 4 – Closing

In the last paragraph of your letter of intent, thank the committee for considering your application and say that your strive for getting deeper into the field will make you a successful student. State that you are anticipating getting the response soon and put a respectful closing statement. End the letter by writing your name in the lower-left corner.

Sample Letter of Intent for Scholarship

From: Marco McDrive
7 S. Homestead Ave.
Laredo, TX 78043

April 4, 2021

To: Luke Wilson
Head of Scholarship Program
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712

RE: Letter of intent for a scholarship for MBA

Dear Mr. McDrive,

I am sending this letter to apply for the full scholarship at The University of Texas at Austin for MBA in Robotics starting in September. I was selected to join the course at your university, so I am writing this letter to show my interest in applying for the scholarship for this course.

I have been a diligent student throughout my academic life. I have always been at the top of my class and participated in various extracurricular activities such as playing baseball, attending a robotics school and volunteering at animal shelters. I have got a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with distinction. I have always wanted to continue my studies and get a Mater’s degree in the same field at The University of Texas at Austin. With the help of the scholarship, I will be able to finish my MBA and fulfill my dream.

I humbly request you to consider my application for the full scholarship. Thank you in advance for taking your time. I look forward to hearing from you at my email or phone number provided at the top of this letter.

Marco McDrive

Published: Aug 7, 2022