Alaska Non-compete Agreement Template

There are different laws regarding business and competition in each US state. Some documents guarantee business people that their companies will stay afloat and preserve their reputation. Therefore, you need to consider a non-compete agreement before distributing confidential information from your previous job.

If an employee is dismissed from work, their former boss wants to ensure they will not cause any harm to the subject business after leaving the job. For this purpose, there is always a sample non-competition agreement between a potential job candidate and the employer. The letter warns about the employee’s obligations if they quit or are fired.

Alaska Non-Compete Agreement is created to protect the employer and their respective company from possible negative consequences associated with disseminating confidential information or any other compromising material by former employees obtained while still working in the company.

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The list of possible prohibitions for employee includes the following:

  • Involving in any business relationship with competing companies and working for them while still employed by the former company or during the NCA validity period specified in the contract.
  • Disclosing personal or confidential information concerning the company’s clients, including their names, addresses, and so on.
  • Encourage other acting company’s employees during a conversation to break any kind of relationship with the company or terminate this relationship.

The employee cannot illegally use and appropriate:

  • Company’s commercial information
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial secrets
  • Any other proprietary aspect of the company

These obligations are temporary and are only valid for a certain period, starting from the date specified in the NCA. The agreement comes into force either on its signing date or right after the employment contract termination (or expiration). Once signed, this document can be used in court as a binding contract between the employer and the employee.

Texas NCA Laws and Restrictions

Presently, there are no laws regulating the Non-Compete Agreement compilation and relevant business relations in Alaska. In general, such restricting documents are disfavored in this state. However, the attitude towards such agreements concerning the sale of a business is much more favorable.

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Published: Aug 3, 2022
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