Alaska Bill of Sale Form

Alaska bill of sale is a document used to record a personal property sale between two private parties. The form outlines the terms and conditions of the private sale, such as payment amount and date of transfer, and provides the contact information of both the buyer and seller. As a rule, it must be signed by both parties to be valid. Although they are not mandatory to use, bill of sale forms can be strong proof showing the ownership transfer has taken place.

We offer general and specialized bill of sale forms for different types of transactions in Alaska. You can use free Alaska bill of sale templates or create your personalized form. Besides that, you can download the official DMV Form 808 for the sale of ATVs or snowmachines.


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Document Details

Document Name Alaska Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Alaska Car Bill of Sale, Alaska Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Fee $15-100
Bill of Sale Required? No
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 13

Alaska Bill of Sale Forms by Type

Various Alaska bill of sale forms may be used depending on the sort of transaction you undertake. You can use the PDF bill of sale forms we provide for the most typical deals, depending on the type of personal property you’re selling. For instance, if you plan to sell a car, you must use an Alaska vehicle bill of sale document. If you want to transfer ownership of a boat, you are welcome to benefit from our free Alaska bill of sale for vessels. To transfer ownership of various appliances or jewelry, please use general Alaska bill of sale forms.

Alaska motor vehicle bill of sale template

Alaska bill of sale for motor vehicles will be helpful when selling a motor vehicle between two private parties. It should be shown to the local DMV while filling in the notice of vehicle sale for transfer. It’s not necessary to notarize it. You’ll have ten days to register your vehicle after moving to Alaska. Non-residents can use the registration of another state for 60 days.

Alternative Name Car Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Required
Notarization Optional
Download PDF Template
Alaska boat bill of sale template

Fill in an Alaska bill of sale for boats to register the information about the selling and purchase of a boat between private parties. A new boat’s title and registration must then be obtained by the buyer. The state of Alaska requires that all types of boats be registered. The cost of registering a boat varies based on the type of vessel.

Alternative Name Vessel Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Required
Notarization Optional
Download PDF Template
Alaska firearm bill of sale template

This Alaska bill of sale for a firearm can be used to transfer ownership over a gun in a private sale. The state does not require anyone to register or obtain a firearm permit. Alaska doesn’t require a permit to open carry or buy a gun if a person is under 21. Also, a permit will not be needed for concealed gun carry.

Alternative Name Gun Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Optional
Notarization Optional
Download PDF Template
Alaska general bill of sale template

A general bill of sale is a legal document that serves as proof of a private transaction between the buyer and the seller. Such a template can be used for any transaction, as it contains general terms (parties’ contact details, item description, and purchase price) and fields to fill in.

Alternative Name Generic Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Required
Buyer’s Signature Optional
Notarization Optional
Download PDF Template

How to Write an Alaska Vehicle Bill of Sale of Snowmobile or ATV

It is required for the seller to use the official Alaska Form-808 or bill of sale of snowmobiles or ATVs to certify the event of the owner changes through the transaction. It is a short document that must be completed by the vendor (individual or authorized agent) when selling the snowmobile or ATV and handed over to the buyer. The vendor must ensure that the purchaser applies for registration before transporting the snowmobile from the seller’s premises.

Below is a simple manual to help you fill out the bill of sale without wasting much time.

Step 1: Name of Registered Owner

In the first field, you need to type in the full name of the registered owner planning to sell the vehicle and hand over the ownership to the purchaser.

Step 1 to filling out an alaska motor vehicle bill of sale owner name

Step 2: Snowmobile or ATV’s Description

The following fields that are mandatory to fill out consist of the legal information regarding the snowmobile or ATV being sold through this transaction. The vehicle description includes:

  • Decal Number
  • Serial Number (VIN)
  • Year of Production
  • Make
  • Body Type (SNOW, 3W, 4W, 6W)
  • Color

For a body style, the person who fills out the form needs to circle the type of vehicle being sold (SNOW, 3W, 4W, 6W).
Step 2 to filling out an alaska motor vehicle bill of sale atv, snowmobile description

Step 3: Date of Sale

The seller needs to indicate the date when the sale happens in the corresponding field.
Step 3 to filling out an alaska motor vehicle bill of sale sale date

Step 4: Buyer’s Information

Next, it is required to provide information about the person that purchases the vehicle. It includes such details as the full name of the buyer and their residential address (street, city, state, and zip code).
Step 4 to filling out an alaska motor vehicle bill of sale buyer info

Step 5: Seller’s Signature

Lastly, the document needs to be signed by the seller that confirms that the transaction happened and the vehicle owner is changed.
Step 5 to filling out an alaska motor vehicle bill of sale seller signature

Template Preview
Create a high-quality Alaska Bill of Sale online now!

Registering a Motor Vehicle in Alaska

Alaska’s motor vehicle registration process implies that all residents who own a vehicle and reside closer than 50 miles from the AK DMV must submit their applications in person. All the residents living in more distant areas can apply via mail.

Registering a vehicle in Alaska requires completing various paperwork and paying applicable fees. The first step is to obtain an Application for a Title from the AK DMV. This form requires you to provide information about yourself, such as your current address, driver’s license number, and the vehicle type being registered. Additionally, you must complete the sections with details about the vehicle, such as year, make, model, color, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Once this paperwork has been completed, the appropriate registration fee must be paid to the DMV before processing can begin. Registration is valid for one year and may require renewal depending on specific circumstances.

The vehicle’s new owner has up to 30 days after the purchase to register their vehicle in the Alaska DMV. If the vehicle is bought through the authorized dealer, the dealer handles the registration process. If the vendor fails to do it, the vehicle owner must submit Form 812 (Application for Title and Registration) and Certificate of Origin. In some cases, the applicant may also be asked to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection report.

If the individual obtained the motor vehicle from a private party, they must submit a larger file of documents. The DMV will request Form 812, the vehicle title the seller signed over in the buyer’s name, an odometer disclosure statement, and a payment report of all applicable fees and taxes for registration paid in full. Additionally, the person will be asked to provide the lien release or notarized power of attorney. All in all, you must prepare such vehicle registration forms:

  • Bill of sale
  • A copy of the previous vehicle title (signed by the seller)
  • Application for Title and Registration (Form 812)
  • VIN Verification Certificate (issued after the inspection)
  • Odometer reading disclosure
  • Lien release (if applicable)

The registration fees depend on the weight, type, and services provided. The title fee is $15, and you need to pay $2 for a duplicate registration and $5 for a plate transfer. The registration fee for a passenger car or truck weighing under 10 000 lbs will cost Alaska residents $100, while registering a motorcycle requires a $60 fee.

The registration period lasts for two years and requires timely renewal. If the Alaska resident is an older person who reaches 65 or has some disability, they can apply for permanent registration.

Relevant Official Forms

(Vehicle) Form 808
(Vehicle) Form 812
(Vehicle) Form V6
(Vehicle) Form 847
(Boat) Form B1
(Firearm) Form 12-299A

Official ATV and snowmobile bill of sale form provided by the DMV.

(Vehicle) Form 808

Application for Title & Registration

(Vehicle) Form 812

Odometer Disclosure Statement – fill out this form to disclose the vehicle’s mileage before the transaction.

(Vehicle) Form V6

A vehicle power of attorney that you can use to allow other people to act on your behalf during vehicle transaction or registration in Alaska.

(Vehicle) Form 847

Official application form for boat registration and title in Alaska.

(Boat) Form B1

Concealed handgun permit application for Alaska residents. Valid for five years and expires on the person’s birthday.

(Firearm) Form 12-299A

Short Alaska Bill of Sale Video Guide

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