Alaska Prenuptial Agreement Form

Arguably, no couple gets married to divorce later. However, divorce is inevitable for some couples, and if they want to set forth a sort of safety cushion, they use the Alaska Prenuptial Agreement.

Entering a legal relationship is a very responsible yet blissful moment in life. However, there are plenty of couples preferring to remain sensible and practical even when it comes to romance and family matters. Nowadays, even young people tend to be reasonable and think ahead when getting married. If you are one of these couples, we suggest you opt for signing the Alaska Prenuptial Agreement.

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Create a free high quality Alaska Prenuptial Agreement online now!

Many years ago, choosing to make and sign this document was a priority of explicitly wealthy individuals. Today, anyone can fill out this prenup template designed to protect both parties’ assets if something goes wrong in their marriage in the future.

Most of the local prenup-related matters are described in the Alaska Supreme Court Decisions collection (Brooks vs. Brooks, 733 P.2d 1044, 1048-51, Alaska, 1987).  Please ensure you study the case carefully before dating and signing the document.

You may download the paper from any source page you consider reliable or fill it out online on our website. We also suggest using our form-building software to create your own Alaska Prenuptial Agreement Form to ensure the best outcome.

Alaska Prenup Laws and Requirements

Every US state has its specific legal regulations and norms, and Alaska is no exception. Pay attention to the guidelines below to get all the necessary information on the Alaska Prenuptial Agreement Form and its filing requirements.

Signing Requirements

In Alaska, both partners have to append their signatures, confirming to have agreed to all the terms and conditions established in the contract. It is highly advisable to ask for legal assistance before signing the paper, as it may turn out to contain ambivalent parts that will later create unnecessary bumps on the road.


Both parties should attach information about their personal assets, loans, debts, and other relevant data so that each of the future spouses may look into the details and make an informed decision before signing the document. The paper is valid if all the signing requirements are met. It is not obligatory to notarize the form; however, the notary’s seal will add an extra protection layer.

Court Refusal

The document may eventually be considered invalid by the court under the following circumstances:

  • One of the spouses was forced to append their signature.
  • The contract was initially absurd and unfair to either party.
  • One of the spouses did not reveal complete or accurate information about their assets and debts.

What Prenups Can Cover

According to Brooks vs. Brooks precedent, shared (or individual) custody and child support issues cannot be described in the Prenuptial Agreement. The court will analyze each particular child-related situation while processing a divorce.

A prenup usually covers all monetary matters between the spouses, whether they concern indebtedness, sharing a business, real or personal property matters, owning retirement and bank accounts, and so on. This information is established in the contract to protect both parties from severe financial trouble once (and if) a divorce occurs. Moreover, both parties get the ability to manage their children’s inheritance from previous marriages.

Property Type

Another precedent, Wanberg vs. Wanberg case (664 P.2d 568 (1983)), illustrates managing the marital property. It states that the court must determine the property subject to division first, then evaluate it, and decide how to allocate it most equitably.

To sum it all up, even though some individuals still consider Prenuptial Agreements as a sign of the other partner being way too pragmatic and precautious, creating such documents is becoming increasingly popular amongst the modern finance-aware couples. Having signed the agreement, you will most probably avoid uncontrollably emotional divorce.

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Published: Jul 18, 2022