Maine Non-compete Agreement Template

When a company’s employee is willing to quit their job, they have to sign a specific document to ensure they will not use any confidential business information acquired during work to compete on the market. This document is called a Non-Compete Agreement (NCA), enforced throughout the whole country with some variations from state to state.

The Maine Non-Compete Agreement has no remarkable details distinguishing it from similar forms in other states. As usual, this non-compete agreement example is necessary to protect the company from unfair competition. In other words, a former employee cannot disclose any information regarding its trade secrets, customer lists, costs, or profit margins to a competitive organization. Simply put, the former employees cannot work for these types of employers for non-disclosure purposes.

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This agreement does not constrain a person from working in the field forever. It specifies a particular time and scope limitation depending on the subject company’s business characteristics. Moreover, some employers may offer a person to pay for their opportunity to work as usual.

Suppose a former employee breaches the non-compete agreement. In that case, they may be fined per the amount of the damage caused to the employer, or brought to legal liability, or both remedies combined. The state courts are entitled to resolve all non-compete arguments between the entities.

To sum it all up, any Non-Compete Agreement has to comprise the following sections:

  1. An agreement introduction with its primary purpose and parties’ names displayed
  2. Essential terms of the agreement, such as types of sensitive information the employee must not disclose
  3. Related conditions, including the validity period, scope, and purchase option
  4. Commencement date and signatures

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Maine NCA Laws and Restrictions

There are no state statutes regulating the enforcement of non-compete agreements in Maine. Meanwhile, some informal restrictions may take place. Most of them concern the broadcast industry professionals, who are usually exempt from signing an NCA.

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Published: Jul 17, 2022
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