Georgia Notary Acknowledgement

In the USA, for instance, in Georgia, when submitting legal documents, people should file a notary acknowledgment form.

Overall, a notary form is an official document that proves the authenticity of signatures in another legal document. In simple words, the notary acknowledgment paper confirms that people who signed a document did it consciously and without coercion. In Georgia, it is necessary to attach a notary acknowledgment form to the original document and submit all forms to the appropriate state authority.

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Before filing documents and notarizing them, check the specified information. It will simplify the further process of filling out the necessary forms. The notary must verify the identity of all the signatories and attest to the signing of the document. A legal paper becomes valid and acknowledged if the notary puts a seal and signature.

It is worth noting that all persons who signed the document must appear before a notary. This formality is mandatory, as it will allow the notary to get acquainted with the case and verify the authenticity of the signatures. Therefore, before notarizing the papers, ensure that all the people who signed the document come to the notary office.

Georgia Notary Laws and Resources

Any legal relations and the conclusion of legal documents operate based on legislative acts and laws of a particular state. For instance, in Georgia, the Civil Code and the Law § 45-17-8 (latest updates from 2013) are primary tools for regulating and registering notary acknowledgment forms.

According to the legislative act § 45-17-8, notaries have the following powers:

  • Witness the signing or execution of written documents;
  • Accept documents for notarization
  • Take oaths and affirmations on all issues related to their duties
  • To give evidence under oath
  • Make certified copies
  • Perform other actions established by the laws of Georgia

It is also worth noting that no notary should act if the notary considers such an act an offense. Indeed, if a notary understands that a person signed a document under pressure and coercion, the notary should not certify the form.

In addition to the above Law § 45-17-8, there is also the Notary Handbook in Georgia. In general, the Notary Handbook is a universal manual that provides all the information about the duties and responsibilities of notaries. It is better to review the Notary Handbook in advance to understand all the subtleties of legal aspects from a notarial point of view. This manual helps to reduce the risk of liability by directing the notary to follow the proper notarial procedures. Moreover, the Notary Handbook reveals vital methods that enable a notary to adhere to Notary Law in Georgia.

By the way, in Georgia, you can notarize a document remotely. This remote format simplifies the procedure of notarization and further submission of documents to the appropriate authorities.

You have just got acquainted with the main legislative acts and resources regulating Notary Law in Georgia. Now that you know some of the subtleties of notarial work, carefully review how to get a notarized document in Georgia without any problems.

How to Notarize a Document in Georgia

Follow the steps below to get a notarized document in Georgia without much difficulty.

1. Find a Notary Office

Firstly, find the nearest notary office and make an appointment with a notary. Remember that notary services are paid.

2. Provide the Notary With the Original Documents

The next step is to provide the notary with the originals of all documents for notarization. Before giving the papers to the notary, check them for the correctness of the completed information. All the signatories must be personally present at the notary. The notary must verify the authenticity of the signatures and verify the identity.

3. Confirm the Authenticity of the Signature

Each person who signed the document must confirm that they signed the paper of their own free will. No one has the right to force anyone to sign a document under threats and pressure. It may lead to criminal and judicial proceedings.

4. Announcement of the Oath

In some cases, an oath is required. If such an action is mandatory, the notary must perform it.

5. Filling Out a Notary Acknowledgment Form

After all the above procedures, the notary must carefully check the data and notarize the document. The notary must enter the following data:

  • County
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  • Signature
  • Name

The document will be considered valid if the notary puts a seal and signature. Finally, the notary gives you the original notary recognition form. You may use this form to submit legal documents to the relevant state authority.

You have reviewed the basic steps for obtaining a notarized document in Georgia. Please note that all the information entered in the legal paper must be truthful. Otherwise, the notary will not confirm the authenticity of the document.

Published: Jun 13, 2022