Oklahoma Notary Acknowledgement

There are cases when just your signature on a document is not enough—you also need a certification from a notary. This usually applies particularly to important documents such as deeds, living trusts, mortgages, and others. To do this, you need to contact a notary for a Notary Acknowledgment. In our article, we will tell you where you can find a qualified person for this task, what laws govern the activity, and how you can easily and quickly notarize a document in Oklahoma.

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Create a Personalized Oklahoma Notary Acknowledgement Form online in under 5 minutes!

By filling out this printable notary form, the notary confirms the authenticity of the signatures on the document, so keep in mind that you will need to prove your identity to the notary.

Oklahoma Notary Laws and Resources

Oklahoma law (§ 49-119) establishes short forms of acknowledgment that can be used.

There are different formulations for:

  • Individual capacity
  • Representative capacity
  • Verification upon oath or affirmation
  • Witnessing or attesting a signature
  • Attestation of a copy of a document

Don’t worry! An experienced notary always knows which form they need to use in each case. Furthermore, notaries have a special document with instructions. In Oklahoma, this document is called the Notary Public Guide and is issued by the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

This guide contains the requirements for notaries and instructions that they can use in their work. Apart from this, the handbook also offers short acknowledgment forms that can be used to authenticate documents.

How to Search and Verify a Notary

If there is no reliable notary around, you can use a simple search on the Private Notary Service website. Also, in Oklahoma, you can use the services of notaries in some other locations and financial institutions like BancFirst, Arvest Bank, or UPS stores. Choose someone who is closest to you.

Once you have chosen a convenient location, it would be nice to check your notary public. To do this, use the Secretary of State search portal. Select a search method that you want to apply. You can choose to search by name, commission number, city, or county.

If, for instance, you chose to search by name, the program will give you the most suitable results, and you will see:

  • Commission number
  • Notary last and first name
  • County

If you click on the “commission number” of the notary you are interested in, you will be shown more information about this specialist.

Remote Notarization

In Oklahoma, you can get notary services online. This became possible after January 1, 2020, when SB 915 (2019) was adopted.

This innovation has become very convenient for both ordinary people and business owners. Notarization can now be completed much faster using modern tools. You will need access to a computer with the ability to record and play audio and video files. Therefore, the personal presence in the notary’s office is no longer necessary.

How to Notarize the form in Oklahoma

Let us tell you more about how you can get a notary acknowledgment in Oklahoma.

1. Find a Notary

Above, we have provided examples of how you can find the right specialist. If you need remote notarization, do not forget to ensure that a specialist offers such a service.

2. Prepare Documents

The documents that you want to certify must be fully completed and ready for signing but not signed. Also, find out the amount of the payment that will need to be paid for the service.

3. Prepare Proof of Identity

The notary public needs to verify your identity, so be sure to bring along a document with a photo that can be used as personal identification.

4. Sign the Document

If the notary has verified your identity and checked the documents, you will need to sign the papers at the notary. The notary will then complete and sign their part.

5. Get the Documents Back

At the end of the process, the notary will return the completed and signed documents to you along with the notary acknowledgment.

Published: Jun 6, 2022