Utah Notary Acknowledgement

The Utah notary acknowledgment form is a state form that a notary issues as a written confirmation that a certain document has been checked for legal correctness and is notarized.

There are several legal procedures in Utah that require mandatory notarization. For instance, the list of such legal procedures includes the last will, the transfer of property rights, procedures related to divorce, and so on. In such cases, a notary confirms the entry into force of a certain act or document under oath and gives you an acknowledgment form as a verification of the notarization procedure.

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Create a Personalized Utah Notary Acknowledgement Form online in under 5 minutes!

After completing the notarization procedure, you will need both the original form that required the certification and the certification form. You will have to provide both documents to the local authorities as confirmation and state registration of any procedure mentioned above.

Utah Notary Laws and Resources

As in any other state, Utah has a couple of crucial laws on notarization of documents (§ 57-2a-1 to § 57-2a-7). They contain all cases that require confirmation of the validity of the forms by a notary. If you are not sure whether you need to notarize the documents, we recommend that you review these laws. What is more, you can find the Utah acknowledgment form to make yourself familiar with it before visiting a notary.

Additionally, Utah has a Notary Handbook that contains all the necessary information about the activities of a notary and legal issues that can be difficult to understand in case you have never dealt with these cases before. This book can be quite difficult to read due to the presence of professional terminology. But do not worry. What you really need to understand to carry out the notarization of papers is that an acknowledgment form is a legal document that is issued and signed by a notary. It is an official confirmation of the entry into force of the original form.

Another important detail worth mentioning is that you can notarize the paper remotely in Utah according to the law HB52. This may be especially important now, in times of COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Notarize a Document in Utah

Now let us give you some tips on how to go about the notarization of documents. There is nothing complicated in this process; just follow the instructions:

1. Choose a Notary Office in Utah

We recommend that you start by choosing a notary office. You can use the services of a private company, a bank, a credit union, or a UPS store. It does not matter which organization you choose since each of them has a professional notary competent in notarization of papers. Choose depending on the number of positive reviews, location, and price of services.

2. Do Not Sign the Paper in Advance

Remember that it does not make sense to sign the notary template in advance. You can fill in any other information in advance to save time. However, the notary will ask you to sign the form in their presence. This is necessary to make sure that you are not forced to sign the document.

3. Bring an ID to Confirm Your Identity

The notary will also ask you to provide a passport or driver’s license to ensure that the document is signed by the person who filled it out. This step is required to avoid signature forgery. Every signatory must do this.

4. Let the Notary Sign an Acknowledgment Form

After completing all the necessary verification procedures, you can proceed to sign the papers. The notary will sign an acknowledgment form if the original paper is filled out correctly by you (all lines are filled in, and there are no mistakes). As a result, you will receive your original paper and the acknowledgment form from the notary.

5. Pay the Tax and Get a Signed Acknowledgment Form

For a notary to certify your paper, you will have to pay some tax regardless of whether you visit a private office or a bank.

In the future, you will most likely need to submit documents to the local authorities to inform them about the legal procedure carried out. To do this, you will need the original paper and the acknowledgment form.

Published: Jul 10, 2022