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Board Meeting Minutes Template

A neatly kept minutes record can become a time and money-saver in future situations, should any question arise. When correctly designed and acknowledged, the minutes are helpful for organizations and corporations and can even provide the needed support in solving legal aspects.

But what exactly are the board meeting minutes, and how do they work? Follow our review to learn the focal aspects of meeting minutes, where to get the correct templates, and tips to filling out the paperwork.

What Are Board Meeting Minutes?

Board meeting minutes not only record the assemblage discussions but appear to be legally powerful records. They are used by nonprofit organizations to prove that the board of directors followed the requirements and statutes of all procedures, compiling with the mission of the organization and the state’s laws. Also, board meeting minutes can provide the potential organization’s sponsors and investors with the inherent data that affect their decision to increase the contributions.

Board meeting minutes can be useful to cover the following aspects:

  • Electing officials
  • Negotiating plans and business strategies
  • Accounting the meeting progress and reflecting any decisions and resolutions
  • Recording the voting
  • Adjustments and corrections to the current and prior decisions and meetings
  • Motions seconded or rejected

Why Are Board Meeting Minutes Inherent?

Board Meeting Minutes are lawfully powerful records that can be used as evidence in case of necessity. As board directors are in charge of any processes within the organization and therefore liable for any decisions taken or rejected, the secretary should not use complicated language while making records to avoid judicial confusions that can jeopardize the organization’s reputation.

How to Record the Minutes Successfully?

The procedure of accounting the minutes may become a nightmare when prepared and conducted incorrectly. Follow these simple steps to ensure the prominent result and reduce the effort and stress:

  1. Prepare for the meeting in advance. Since every organization has its preferences regarding the process of conducting the minutes, the secretary is encouraged to discuss the usual manner how this particular organization runs the board meetings and ask for the meeting plan. The meeting agenda contains important info like the participant’s and speaker’s names and titles, the attendees, guests, topics to discuss. Seek advice from the board president or the prior chairman.
  2. Take records following the plan and agenda.
  3. Use an objective manner and do not complicate the language to avoid legal complexities.
  4. Specify the meeting’s details, including its type, date, time, location, presence of the directors (names and titles), the chairman, the motions and resolutions, the adjournment, any other relevant data.
  5. Approve and distribute the paperwork among all attendees and directors that were absent, too. The paperwork must be approved by the board and signed by the secretary to register its validity and legacy.

Follow our review to learn details of what particularly should be included in the board meeting minutes paperwork and where to get a valid PDF template.

How to Fill Out Board Meeting Minutes Templates

As we have already mentioned in the previous parts of this review, conducting a Board Meeting Minutes record is a complex yet advantageous activity. Follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide to learn how to complete the paperwork effectively and with a minimum effort. We inspire you to download the needed PDF template via our form-building software and proceed to fill it out immediately.

Complete the Heading

In the beginning, you need to determine whether you, as a secretary, are going to record a regular meeting or a special one. Select the appropriate alternative and mark your choice.

Here, you should follow the template: print in the needed variant or line through the inapplicable.

step 1.1 - complete the heading - filling out board meeting minutes template

Also, you should submit the name of the corporation (organization or institution).

step 1.2 - complete the heading - filling out board meeting minutes template

Enter the Time, Place, and Details of the Meeting

Begin recording the meeting by defining the following:

  • Name of the organization (once again)
  • Type of meeting: specify again whether the board is holding a regular or a special activity.
  • Date
  • Time
  • Place: enter the address where the assemblage is being held.

step 2 - enter the time, place, and details of the meeting - filling out board meeting minutes template

List the Directors Who Are Present

Here, the secretary should submit the names of all board attendees.

step 3 - list the directors who are present - filling out board meeting minutes template

List the Top Team Who Are Absent

If some directors or authorized top-tier people are absent, the secretary needs to provide the corresponding record, including the names. If all leadership attendees are present, write down “None” and proceed to the next point.

step 4 - list the top team who are absent - filling out board meeting minutes template

Introduce Other Invited Persons

If some other individuals but the directors are invited to attend the board meeting, list the guests’ names and titles.

step 5 - introduce other invited persons - filling out board meeting minutes template

Determine the Chairman

Enter the name of the director, chosen to be the chairman of the respected meeting on the date. The chairman should also announce that the meeting is being held according to a written notice.

step 6.1 - determine the chairman - filling out board meeting minutes template

However, if there was no notification regarding the assemblage, the secretary should record this fact, while the chairman should declare the special announcement.

step 6.2 - determine the chairman - filling out board meeting minutes template

Acknowledge the Meeting Minutes Records

Once the introductory part of the meeting is over, the secretary enters upon recording the session. By the end of all proceedings, the meeting minutes paperwork is being read, acknowledged, and distributed to all directors.

step 7 - acknowledge the meeting minutes records - filling out board meeting minutes template

State the Election of Officers (If Appropriate)

The chairman announces the beginning of the procedure to nominate the officers. Once the board has approved the candidates, the secretary lists the names of the seconded individuals and describes their departments on the corresponding blank lines.

step 8 - state the election of officers (if appropriate) - filling out board meeting minutes template

Specify If There Were Other Candidates to Elect

If there were no further nominees to elect and the board meeting preceded duly or anonymously (underline or check the appropriate), ensure you make corresponding recordings.

step 9 - specify if there were other candidates to elect - filling out board meeting minutes template

List the Agenda Negotiated During the Board Meeting

Define and record other topics on the agenda the board directors spoke about in further discussion. Use attached sheets if needed to include all related statements. Here, you, as a secretary, can list such aspects as:

  • Share purchase and distribution deeds
  • Employment agreements
  • Business transactions
  • Other applicable topics

step 10 - list the agenda negotiated during the board meeting - filling out board meeting minutes template

Describe the Resolutions Adopted (If Any)

If there are any approved resolutions to record, list each aspect using the free space of the board meeting minutes template or attach additional sheets.

step 11 - describe the resolutions adopted (if any) - filling out board meeting minutes template

State the Adjournment of the Meeting

Once all necessary aspects are discussed, and the corresponding resolutions and decisions are seconded, the secretary should state the closing of the board meeting and place the current calendar date.

step 12 - state the adjournment of the meeting - filling out board meeting minutes template

Sign the Board Meeting Minutes Paperwork

The secretary must identify themselves by placing the name and signature. If the secretary has used additional sheets of paper, let them attach and sing these supplements. Corresponding notes should be made.

step 13 - sign the board meeting minutes paperwork - filling out board meeting minutes template